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Speaker Text
Female narrator: Justine Dancer
Male narrator: The youngest of twelve sisters, who all attended Ever After High.
Female narrator: But who does not yet know her fairytale destiny.
Melody Piper: Ever After to Justine?
Justine Dancer: Can't be! I went to bed early, but... I had the most hexciting dream! I already had my own dance studio and I was dancing in all my favourite styles!
Baba Yaga: Less chit-chat, more tip-tap! Let's practice ladies, shoes on!
Justine Dancer: My shoes! Ruined! Who did this?
Girls: [All says no]
Ginger Breadhouse: Those were your good shoes!
Baba Yaga: A mystery to be solved after my class, Ms. Dancer! Now girls, first position!
Ashlynn Ella These are top of the line from the Glass Slipper. No shoes thief can resist these beauties.
Humphrey Dumpty When the thief touches the beam, it will go off and the video cameras will record the crime.
Ramona Badwolf Waste of time. You can't rely on technology.

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