Tired of having to tap her toes on the sideline of her favorite class, Justine Dancer and her friends 'til THE END set out to solve the mystery of her disappearing dancing shoes!


The narrators starts by introducing Justine Dancer to the audience. The Dance Class-ic class gathers into the room. Justine plays on her phone and eventually falls asleep until her friend Melody wakens her. Justine is confused on why she is tired since she went to bed early. She speaks of a 'dream' about dancing in her dance studio. Baba Yaga starts the practice and Justine finds her dance shoes ruined by an unknown culprit. Ashlynn, Blondie, and Humphrey gather their resources to try to help Justine set a trap for the shoe thief. Ashlynn brings top of the line dance slippers from the Glass Slipper that she says no shoe thief could resist. Humphrey sets up an infared beam motion detector using his technology equipment so that when the thief trips the beam, triggers will go off and video cameras will record the crime. Ramona walks in and bluntly tells them that they are all wasting their time and that they can't rely on technology and their plan wont work. Blondie, Ashlynn, and Justine look annoyed.

At night, the thief pulls the cord out of the socket before snatching the shoes and escapes with the slippers.The thief wakes Ramona and she chases after her. Ashlynn and Blondie wake up afterwards and notice the shoes missing along with Ramona. Ashlynn and Blondie find Ramona outside the dance studio and confront her. Ramona hushes them not to wake Justine. They look in the studio and see Justine Sleep-Dancing a ballet routine. Baba Yaga wakes Justine by turning on the light. Baba Yaga tells her that it's due to "enchantments" and that her older sisters also went through it. She also tells her that she can start controlling her power "the gift of eternal dance". Justine apologizes to Ramona and thanks all the girls for helping her.


  1. Duchess Swan
  2. Madeline Hatter
  3. Ashlynn Ella
  4. Ginger Breadhouse
  5. C.A. Cupid
  6. Justine Dancer
  7. Melody Piper
  8. Blondie Lockes
  9. Female Narrator
  10. Male Narrator
  11. Baba Yaga
  12. Humphrey Dumpty
  13. Ramona Badwolf