Mocky is a 2013-introduced and prose-only character. He is student at Ever After High, who is of unclear allegiance in the Royal/Rebel conflict. He is a big fan of Raven Queen, and take her as a evil example to follow. He is a goblin, and is destined to be a villain.



He appears to like his evil destine, and take Raven Queen as his evil example. Tough, Raven don't like to be stared by him.


Goblins are described to be small and grotesque.

Fairy Tale

It is unknown as to which fairytale Mocky will play out, but it is determined that he is the villain.



Rugsy and Mocky seem to get along, as they are both classmates in General Villainy and often get paired together.


There's a goblin who works on Castleteria who could or not be Mocky.


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