Little Miss Muffet

Miss Muffet is from the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet. She apparently owns a frozen yogurt business along with the spider from her story in the middle of the Dark Forest.



She has soft pink hair with curled bangs and two corkscrew pigtails on each side of her head. She has brown eyes and thin pink eyebrows. She wears a blue insect wing shaped cape, and wears little tuffet earrings. She also wears a blue bow on her chest and a lilac shirt. Her skirt is dark blue and she has a flower belt. On her head she wears a little bonnet with feathers that looks like a spider.

Fairy tale

Main article: Little Miss Muffet


Chapter 3


Miss Muffet proposes on serving the girls frozen yogurt but they get scared off by a giant spider. Baking and Entering

Chapter 4

Miss Muffet attends Hunter's outdoor party. A Tale of Two Parties

Chapter 4

TV specials

Miss Muffet watches the Dragon Games. Dragon Games

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