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At school, people hear someone's panicking voice as the MirrorNet is down.
Briar Beauty: [Loudly.] The MirrorNet! It's down!
Cedar Wood: I-I can't update my MyChapter page! [Tries tapping her MirrorPad.]
Ashlynn Ella: I can't share the cute shoes I found online! [Clasps her face in her hands.]
Briar Beauty: I can't tell everyone about the hexcellent new band playing at the Red Shoes Dance Club tonight! [She turns to Raven and puts her hand on her chin.]
Raven Queen: [She pushes Briar's MirrorPad away.] could do those things by talking to each other?
Apple White: Except that Professor Rumpelstiltskin's online-only test is due by sunset today!
Raven Queen: Ooh, I forgot about that. Okay, let's panic!
Everyone: [Run off screaming.]

In the Mirror Labs, Dexter tries at the internet but he has no luck.
Dexter Charming: It looks like someone's hogging all the bandwidth! We need to find out who. Humphrey, you stay here and sort out these cables while we search the school!
Humphrey Dumpty: [Climbs down the ladder.] Sure. Leave it to Humphrey Dumpty to put it all back together again.

Daring Charming: 933, 934...
Dexter Charming: [Puts a hand on his brother's shoulder.] Daring, are you using the MirrorNet?
Daring Charming: I sure am! I'm uploading a couple thousand hi-res pics from my new photo shoot. [Dexter turns his MirrorPad off and goes away.] Oh, that was rude!

Melody is relaxing and downloading songs on her MirrorPad.
Dexter Charming: Melody, are you downloading any large files from the MirrorNet?
Melody Piper: Just every recorded remix of—[Dexter switches her tablet off.] hey!

Blondie is in the Mirror Labs downloading recorded versions of students' Legacy Day rehearsal speeches.
Blondie Lockes: [It is abruptly switched off.] Oh! Ah, uh! [She spots Dexter at the far back with an unplugged wire.] That is so not just right!

Back in the halls.
Briar Beauty: [Tries tapping on her tablet.] The MirrorNet is still slow as a troll.
Apple White: And we only have another two hours to take our test!
Dexter Charming: There's only one thing to do: go to the heart of the MirrorNet!

Dexter Charming: Now we're gonna find out what's been actually [He and the students walk past and find someone pulling out the wires.]—oh!
Everyone: Professor Rumpelstiltskin?
Dexter Charming: You're the one who's been slowing down the MirrorNet?
Rumpelstiltskin: [Laughing.]
Dexter Charming: But-but why?
Raven Queen: Let me guess: so you could fail us; give us detention—
Rumpelstiltskin: And make you spin my straw into gold! [Chuckling.]
Cedar Wood: That's not gonna happen now that we know your little secret!
Ashlynn Ella: A tale I'm guessing the headmaster would love to be told?
Rumpelstiltskin: Huh?
Briar Beauty: What do you say you cancel the test and give us a little more time to study?
Rumpelstiltskin: Wha...gah! [He shakes his fists.] Fine.
Apple White: And I think it's only fairest that he fixes what he broke!

Rumpelstiltskin: Ow! Ooh! Ah! Gah!
Humphrey Dumpty: [Confidently.] Aw, don't go to pieces on us, professor!
Rumpelstiltskin: [Is repeatedly shocked by the electric wires.] Ow! Eeh! Ah!

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