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Mira Shards debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 4 TV special "Dragon Games", which premiered on January 29, 2016.

Chapter 4

TV specials

Dragon Games - Mira Shards
Mira is created as an undercover name and identity by the Evil Queen. She is introduced by Apple White to Darling and Cerise. Surprisingly, things go smoothly until Raven comes along. When Mira comments on how adorable Nevermore looks, Nevermore starts going crazy and attacks the castleteria. Following the destruction, Mira informs Raven that she should have blamed the O'Hair twins, but Raven protests against the idea. Next, Mira has her classes with Raven and the two of them have playful banter together, as Mira's way of swaying Raven. When they have lunch, Mira has lunch and prohibits Darling and Cerise from joining them. She gets news that Nevermore has gone missing and she helps Raven look for her. Mira hears a dragon cry from the old stables, so she and her friends check it out. Mira finds Daring comforting Legend, but she states that Legend is giving birth to her offspring. Mira secretly uses her powers to amplify Raven's magical heat to the dragon eggs. Later, there is an assembly and Mira attends. When she is escorted to the dragon arena, Mira calls Snow White out on buying popularity. Snow White suspects that Mira is the Evil Queen, so Mira finally drops her facade and reveals herself. Dragon Games


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