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Quotation1 If you don't take the pledge, your story ceases to exist! Quotation2
Milton Grimm in "Raven's Tale: The Story of a Rebel"
Apple's Tale - Milton ignores questions

Milton Grimm is a centuries-old being who's traveled many places before he founded Ever After High in 1812. These days he serves as the school's headmaster. He treats the students with a favorable destiny better than the ones without, but nonetheless insists that everyone follows the destiny as dictated by their story, even going as far as letting a case like the Evil Queen's theft and replacement of the real Storybook of Legends go unscathed for the sake of students following their destiny. Since "Thronecoming" after Raven and her friends broke his brother's spell, he became the co-headmaster of Ever After High, sharing the job with Giles.


Milton Grimm is voiced by Jamieson Price in English. A child version of Milton Grimm is voiced by Kyle Arem.



Little is known about his days prior to Ever After High, but back then, he and his brother Giles were close. At one point, they met a genie called Gigi Grant and Giles convinced her finder to wish her a friend to accompany her throughout the ages. The result of this was Whisp, who was like a sister to Gigi. That is, until she grew resentful and dangerous. In response, Milton and Giles created a magic mirror to free any finder from Whisp's hold over them.

A long time passed until, in the year 1812, Milton and Giles founded Ever After High. During time the brothers came to strong disagreement how fairy tales should go on. Milton was strict in the matter that everyone should live their destinies like the ones prior them while Giles was more free-minded in the matter. This disagreement ended up with Milton binding his brother to the subterranean library underneath the school and was left in sole control of the school.

As headmaster, Milton is a strict man who insists that no one so much as considers ignoring their destiny. More than any other, he seems to fear that rebellion will lead to the loss of stories and eventually the fairytale figures' entire world. While understandable if true, Headmaster Grimm has no qualms about pointedly ignoring that some students have destinies that are anything but appealing.


He is dressed in a blue coat and light grayish blue vest with a light blue ascot with a golden decoration with a red stone on it. He has a dark grey mustache, green eyes and dark gray hair with lighter stripes. He also wears a golden ring in the shape of a mirror. He's also rather stout, at least in the stomach area, from the side.



Headmaster Grimm is the brother of Giles Grimm. The Brothers disagreed about the importance of following one's story, and Milton cast a babble spell on Giles, estranging the two. The spell was recently lifted by Apple White, Raven Queen and their friends during the Thronecoming celebrations, and the brothers have since reconciled.


  • Milton's last name of "Grimm" is a reference to the Brothers Grimm, who collected and standardized many fairy tales starting 1812.
  • Milton wears a mirror ring that has a resemblance to the ring worn by the man that found Gigi's lantern and arranged for it to be brought to Monster High. It is yet to be seen if there is a significance to this.

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