People photography - Melia Mariano

Melia Mariano plays the role in the Ever After High music video as one of the four students who arrive at Ever After High. She acts as a Royal.


Melia was born in Orange County, California. She started her career ever since she was 4 years of age and has been trained in all styles. She performed in Starpower and Hall of Fame in her younger years. She also had a choreographer named Molly Long, who is associated with Dance Precisions. A notable member of staff in Dance Precisions is Shannon Mather, who soon enough opened her own dance studio. When she was younger, Melia attended Dance Precisions with a described-phenomenal trio, though at this current time Melia goes to Commercial Dance.

Melia was supposed to star on the renowned television show named Dance Moms and she's met the cast as well as Abby Lee Miller. Out of all her achievements that she's gotten, she most enjoys booking jobs, entering and competing and all the facets of being a dancer like attending couture fashion week and she still continues with her career.

Melia has a sister who is 2 years older than her named Kiana, who is also a dancer. She and Kiana do duets together.

Personal and Professional Life

Melia is still living in Orange County with her family and she owns two boxer dogs, a chat and a chinchilla. As for her future, she plans to go on tour. She attends the Orange County School of the Arts.


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