The Marsh King is the owner of the restaurant Marsh Pit which he opened in the Village of Book End.

The Marsh King- Duchess Swan's Lake



The Marsh King is a rude creature and is known to pull the occasional girl down under the mud to make her his wife. He is selfish and as he loves to live in grimy and slimy places, he does not care about polluting the environment.


He is a green amphibian type creature, he is rotund like a frog and has a large mouth like frogs and his feet, hands and skin are frog-like. He has yellow eyes. He wears a dark green short sleeved t-shirt with pale green sleeves and collar and is very grubby looking, grey tight trousers/pants, no shoes, a dark red apron with a pattern and a pale and dark green baseball cap with an opened old tin can resembling a crown.

Fairy Tale

Main article: The Marsh King's Daughter


Duchess is having a pleasant dance session by her lakeside, but out of the blue, green ooze starts leaking and she tumbles into the Lake. After discovering that a nearby restaurant is the cause of this, an enraged Duchess decides to confront the guilty culprit.

The dumper of the slime is no other than the Marsh King, but he isn't the type to negotiate with, nor a good listener.She turns to Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman, two environmentalists.Ashlynn and Hunter help Duchess sneak into the restaurant, finding a terrible sight inside the kitchen. Ashlynn records around the area, soon sending the video to Book End officials, who arrest the Marsh King and shut down his establishment afterwards. Duchess Swan's Lake


The Storybook of Legends The Marsh King is one of the stories Raven Queen's mother used to read to her as a child. Raven Queen's Story

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