Magic is the supernatural force that the ability to cause a change in reality, it is possessed by many beings such as the Evil Queen and her daughter Raven Queen.


Magic is a mysterious but powerful force that can change reality itself and be used for both good and evil deeds.


Spells are a set of words that usually rhyme, they are the most common way of employing magic. When a spell is cast, it allows the caster to change reality. Most spells are contained in spell books, such as the Evil Queen's spell book.

Magic Objects

Many objects possess special powers of their own while some creatures use magical items to channel their powers like the wands of Farrah Goodfairy and Crystal Winter. Fairy tales are filled with enchanted artifacts such as the Magic Mirror.

Magic Touches

Many magical creatures and fairytale characters have magic powers but do not require spells like witches and fairies do. Meeshell Mermaid can control water, Bunny Blanc, Jackie Frost and Northwind can shapeshift, Ashlynn Ella can communicate with animals and Madeline Hatter can do anything as long as she doesn't know it is impossible.


Magic can achieve many feats such as:

  • Freeze Time
  • Cause Transformation
  • Curse and Hex
  • Bless and grant Wishes
  • Energy Blasts
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
  • Levitation
  • Manipulate Nature

Known Spells

  • Time for you to prove your worth, I curse you now to crawl the earth! - makes individuals smaller in size;
  • Just say the who you want to be, and that's the you that they will see! - creates a magical aura that will make others see your face as someone else's.
  • To find the item which you seek, just say these words and here's a peek! - a magical dust hand reveals the location of anything that is being looked for;
  • With this spell I lay waste the past and seal your fate with a savage blast! - the pages of the books generate energy that can be attracted and molded into balls, and then blasted at people or things.
  • From old to young, a journey back, to fit in would be prudent, reverse what time's cruel hand has done, make me a high school student - to make one appear younger.