Down in the Enchanted Forest during sunrise, Madeline Hatter is collecting ingredients for teas to serve at the Mad Hatter's Tea Shoppe. Once done, she hurries back to the Village of Book End to get the ingredients to her father's eating establishment. As it is the last day of summer, the village is brimming with new students getting prepared for their first day at Ever After High. It makes Madeline recall her own first day at Ever After High, in particular the uncertainty she felt before making her first friends in Raven Queen and Cedar Wood.

As with the rest of the Village of Book End, the Tea Shoppe is crowded when Madeline arrives. Her father greets her, happy to see both her and the ingredients. As Madeline prepares to follow him to the kitchen, she is stopped by a customer complaining she hasn't been given a seat yet. The customer introduces herself as Clara Lear and after some miscommunication, she angrily gets a seat for herself and condescendingly orders regular tea. Madeline is taken aback by Clara's attitude and goes to the kitchen to get the order. Since the Tea Shoppe doesn't usually serve regular tea, Maddie has to go through a lot of trouble to acquire a bag of it, and in the process realizes that Clara's attitude stems from her lack of friends and fear to open up to anyone. Deciding that regular tea is not what Clara needs, Maddie gets her charm blossom tea, which changes flavor depending on the mood voiced by the person closest to it.

Madeline uses the tea as a conversation starter and goes on to tell Clara that she was new herself only a year ago, but that everything turned out alright. Clara lets her guard down and confides her insecurities, but Maddie is spared a complicated conversation when another customer as uncertain and new as Clara arrives. Madeline invites her over to the table, and the guaranteed presence of another first year student snaps Clara out of her funk. She orders scones and fairyberry jam to go with the tea, which Madeline is eager to get. Upon arrival in the kitchen, her father has her taste a new, future-predicting brew and Madeline takes a sip. According to the tea, change is coming this school year. Madeline is only too eager for it all to begin.


  1. Madeline Hatter
  2. Mad Hatter
  3. Clara Lear
  4. Earl Grey
  5. Blue-winged girl



  • Madeline Hatter's Story is one of the seven free electronic books released as prequels to The Storybook of Legends.
  • It is peculiar that Clara would complain that no one knows her fairytale, as the version the name Lear comes from is by Shakespeare's hand and considered one of the greatest tragedies ever written.