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In a forest, Maddie is leading her friends to somewhere.
Madeline Hatter: Hurry! The blossoms that bloom are headed for doom!
Raven Queen: [To Cerise.] Translation: There is definitely something wrong.
Students: [Gasp.]
Apple White: What happened to Wonderland Grove? It's usually so...Wonderish.
Kitty Cheshire: This part of the Enchanted Forest is our link to Wonderland.
Madeline Hatter: And, it's the source of all magical madness in our world!
Briar Beauty: So, if the Grove is losing its magical madness, are you saying our world will lose its magic too?
Cedar Wood: But Ever all about magic.
Raven Queen: So what do we do?
Madeline Hatter: [Aggressively.] Madden up, people! We need to recharge the Grove by holding an honest-to-madness [Happily.] Wonderland tea party! [Takes out party invitations.] Time to get our madness on! [She throws them out.]

In the Grove, the students are now dressed up and are using tea party items as entertainment.
Madeline Hatter: Hat-tastic! New outfits for everyone!
Earl Grey: [Squeaking as he's in a bubble.]
Madeline Hatter: Time to check my madness meter! [Pulls it out.] Egh! Not enough. We better get our dance on! [Jazz hands.]

The students dance around in a wishy-washy style.
Madeline Hatter: You guys... You have to dance Wonderland style! [Does a dance atop of the table. Everyone follows and does their own independent dance. She eyes her madness meter] So close!!! We need some super silliness to put it over-the-top! Come on, Cerise. [Points.] It's up to you!
Cerise Hood: [Sits in the corner.] But... I'm not so good at...letting loose.
Raven Queen: Wait a spell, I've got an idea! [Whispers to Cerise.]
Cerise Hood: Raven, no way!
Raven Queen: Come on, Cerise. Trust me.
Cerise Hood: [Sigh.] [She lets down her hood to expose her ears.]
Madeline Hatter: You put on fake, silly wolf ears for the tea party? [Cerise nods]. Now, that is madness! [Madness meter rings.] And look! We did it!
Students: [Cheering.]

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