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Mad Hatter in "Way Too Wonderland

The Mad Hatter is the father of Madeline Hatter and the runner of the Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe in Book End. He successfully evacuated Wonderland alongside the White Queen.[1]


In English, Mad Hatter is voiced by Marc Graue.



The Mad Hatter himself is extremely eccentric and lively when it comes to things like tea. He is eager for his daughter to befit the role of him one day.


He has toned dark and light, curly auburn hair in the webisodes and is tall. He wears a satin pink suit complete with a large toned purple collar, a white shirt and green buttons. He wears dark pants and shoes along with black gloves, white cuffs, a light blue bow tie and accessorizes with two earrings on the left ear. Of course, he is never seen without his signature top hat. In the books however, he has mint green hair with white streaks and is short.

Fairy tale

Main article: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland



He's the father of Madeline Hatter. The two share a special Wonderlandian handshake. "Whistle, cradle, up top, down! Sideways, shaaaake… And to the moon!"

Mad Hatter - Class of Classics


The Mad Hatter runs the Tea Shoppe. Madeline Hatter's Story He is rather upset that Madeline and him are to leave Ever After, but he tries to stay positive. The Unfairest of Them All Madeline fetches her father from the Tea Shoppe, but he gives himself away as bait for the Jabberwock to buy the girls time. A Wonderlandiful World He is one of the students The Class of Classics


Chapter 3

TV specials

He takes delight in serving customers and reunites with the Wonderlandians. Noticing the Wonderlandians' love of pies, he gives them one found in the kitchen. Spring Unsprung Since the Mad Hatter used to get in Wonderland High detention all the time, he helps Madeline and her friends escape detention by playing a game of tiddlywinks with the Mockturtle. Way Too Wonderland




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