People photography - Lucy Vallely

Lucy Vallely plays the role in the Ever After High music video as one of the four students who arrive at Ever After High. She acts as a Royal.


Lucy started her career ever since she was 2, making it a 12-year-long career at this current time. She dances in all genres but she personally thinks that contemporary dance is her favorite style because it easily expresses her feelings. One of her highlighted solos picked out by her is from 2013, a contemporary solo choreographed by Jason Gorman. She claims that her dancing has improved over the course of transition between 2013 to 2014 ever since she started committing to dance more by training at home. In competitions from that point onward, she got to at least the top 10 each time and getting several scholarships.

Lucy got introduced to dance by her older sister, Emily Vallely.

Personal and Professional Life

Lucy was born on September 16, 2001. Lucy is an active vlogger on YouTube and performer in dance. Aside from dance, she also enjoys collecting vintage clothing. Lucy also enjoys music. She plans to have her own contemporary dance company or dance studio in the future. She also aims to book gigs for worldwide tours and collaborate with worldwide famous choreographers.


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