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In the croquet field, Lizzie takes a shot and does it in the first go.
Lizzie Hearts: [Haughtily.] And that is how it's done! As the Royal Team Captain―and future Queen of Hearts―[She points to the Rebels and orders them angrily.] I command you to beat those Rebels!
Briar Beauty: But, [Sigh.] we've been trying and we're just not very good.
Apple White: Lizzie, why don't you give us a royally inspirational speech?
Lizzie Hearts: [Taps her chin and starts off enthusiastic.] Okay - play better or... [Enraged.] OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! [Apple flinches.] And Briar, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! [Briar winces.] And Blondie, OFF―
Blondie Lockes: [She holds her hand out.] Okay! This is so not just right! We quit!
The three of them walk away together, with Apple and Briar giving her apologies.
Apple White: Yeah, me too...
Briar Beauty: See you, Lizzie...
Apple White: Terribly sorry...
Lizzie Hearts: [Turns around.] Fine!
Lizzie furiously hits the ball away. It travels mid-air.
Ashlynn and Hunter are having a peaceful romantic picnic together by a tree.
Ashlynn Ella: Hunter, your favorite! Veggie burgers with―
The ball hits Hunter on the head, knocking him off his seat.
Hunter Huntsman: Awh!
Ashlynn Ella: Oh?

In the castleteria, Lizzie is sitting alone and Briar notices.
Lizzie Hearts: [She sighs as she slices off the flower heads on the broccoli.]
Briar Beauty: Lizzie. [Walks over and sits down on her table.] You know, i-if you wanna have more friends, [Puts her tray down.] maybe you shouldn't act so...―
Dexter Charming: [Dexter enters and speaks to Lizzie in a polite tone.] Excuse me, can I borrow your salt?
Lizzie Hearts: NO. [Points to Dexter menacingly.] OFF WITH THE SALT!!! [She tosses the entire salt shaker away.]
Dexter Charming: Oh! Oh! [Scampers away.]
Briar Beauty: Lizzie, why do you always have to yell?
Lizzie Hearts: My mother says it's the only way to rule your subjects. [Slams table.]
Briar Beauty: [She folds her arms and affirms strongly.] We're not your subjects, we're your friends! Hey, when did you talk to your mom?

In Lizzie's dorm, Lizzie faces Briar with a large card deck.
Lizzie Hearts: She gave me a daily deck of instructions for the whole school year! [She hands one to Briar.]
Briar Beauty: [Reading.] 'Rule my way, I'll be watching'? Huh. Being a Royal doesn't mean we have to do exactly [She hands the cards back to Lizzie and hooks her arm around her shoulder.] what our parents did. I like to think...[Taps her chin.] the details are up to us.
Lizzie Hearts: Mother told me to follow her words... [She stares at a card and takes her scissors out. She begins cutting it and taping it back together.] but, she didn't say in which order! [Reading the final result.] 'True friends - not subjects. I will rule my way.'

Briar gathers Blondie and Apple to the croquet fields.
Apple White: [Giggles but tenses up as soon as Lizzie walks to them.] Oh.
Lizzie Hearts: Hey, guys. Well, I've acted a bit... off with my friends. Forgive me?
Apple White: Of course! [She nods.]
Blondie Lockes: [She and the other gather around Lizzie.] Grab a mallet, and let's show those Rebels who's wicked!
Lizzie Hearts: [Giggling.]
Apple, Blondie, Briar and Lizzie: Off with their heads! [Laughing.]

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