Lizzie Hearts and the Hedgehog's Hexcellent Adventure: A Little Shuffle Story is the second pet-centric companion book of Next Top Villain and the second pet-centric companion book of the Ever After High book series. It was released on February 03, 2015.


Shuffle is fast asleep in her shared dorm, owned by Lizzie and her roommate Duchess. Reminiscing over Wonderland, her old home, she remembers that Wonderland was the place where she had developed her sweet tooth. Later at night, Shuffle sneaks out of the dorm and and Pirouette hisses at her for getting to close to her nest. Shuffle ignores her even though she knew it was because she had used Pirouette's nest as a wastebasket. Outside she finds a waffle throne in a box from Ginger with a note reminding her not to eat it all at once. Shuffle ignores the note and eats it all. The next morning, Shuffle is awoken by the scornful noise of Pirouette's morning calls. She also wakes up with a bad stomach, which is deemed unsettling for Lizzie and Duchess. Shuffle doesn't feel in the mood to listen to Lizzie's complaints, so she rolls up in a ball. Duchess suggests picking Shuffle up with mittens from the Lost and Crowned and taking her to Professor Poppa Bear for medicine; however the idea of medicine doesn't seem very comforting to Shuffle. The two girls go down and fetch the mittens and Duchess commands Pirouette to keep watch. Pirouette gives a small stalk of grass to Shuffle, who is still in a ball. Shuffle slowly unfurls and eats the grass, which makes her stomach hurt less. Pirouette acknowledges her notion and takes her outside for a short flight to the school grounds.

Down in the grass, Shuffle eats as much as she can. After each bite, she realizes that her stomach pain is receding. Pirouette urges Shuffle to get back on her back and the two rush back to the dorms. There, Shuffle looks for a way to help Pirouette back and removes the kernels and seed shells she threw into Pirouette's nest. Lizzie and Duchess are surprised to find Shuffle and Pieouette together in the nest, with Shuffle in fine condition.


  1. Shuffle
  2. Queen of Hearts
  3. Lizzie Hearts
  4. Pirouette
  5. Ginger Breadhouse
  6. Duchess Swan

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