At the library, Lizzie Hearts reads an unsatisfactory entry of a Wonderland book. Meanwhile, Kitty Cheshire too is stuck at the library. Just because of the closure of Wonderland and it is chapter break, they have no residence besides at Ever After High. Not wanting to be disturbed any further, Lizzie declares a croquet match, but Kitty doesn't have the spirit. Angered, Lizzie stomps off out on the school premises. A sweeper called Green rakes a few leaves as Lizzie sets up the croquet court herself. After finishing her turn, Lizzie asks Green to join her match, but he passes on her offer.

Later on, Lizzie finds the White Queen sitting on a bench. Taking the seat next to her (which she rarely does), the White Queen is excitable for Lizzie when she is to sign the book, along with the other Wonderlandians, but Lizzie is clouded with doubt because of how the portal of Wonderland is closed and wonders when she'll be able to see it again. As the White Queen departs, Lizzie builds a small castle out of cards for Shuffle. Remembering how the original Card Castle went aflame right in front of her eyes, she smells fumes from downhill nearby Wonderland Well. Finding Green setting the leaves alight, she promptly stops him and dumps a pail of water onto the leaves, finding seven hedgehogs underneath the burnt leaves. Wanting them to find a home, a book conveniently drops on Lizzie's foot, coincidentally one very subject to how to tend to a Grove, which Lizzie notices that the hedgehogs take a liking to the Grove's specific nature. Lizzie leads them deep into a Grove which she will occasionally tend to, hoping that they will reside peacefully there as will she in Wonderland, someday.


  1. Lizzie Hearts
  2. Kitty Cheshire
  3. Green Thumb
  4. Shuffle
  5. White Queen
  6. Hedgehogs