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In Book End, specifically Hocus Latte, Daring, Sparrow and Hopper are having a bet together.
Daring Charming: Come on, Sparrow. Give me a real challenge!
Sparrow Hood: I'm betting you can't get a date with the next girl that walks through that door! [Gestures to the door.]
Daring Charming: [Confidently.] Oh, you are on! What are we betting?
Hopper Croakington II: How 'bout..loser has to wash the winner's Grimmnastics uniform, after swamp swimming!
Daring and Sparrow: Ooh... Done!
Lizzie Hearts walks in and eyes the coffee shop skeptically.
Sparrow Hood: Lizzie Hearts! [Singing.] Good luck with that one, oh!
Daring Charming: [He traightens up his jacket, stands up, and orders for Lizzie.] The usual, my good barista, and the same for the lady.
Lizzie Hearts: Off with the foam! [Disperses foam on both the coffee cups. She walks away.]
Daring Charming: [Walks in front of her and offers flowers.] Would these flowers change your mind? I grew them using the light from my teeth. [Lizzie rejects them and cuts the flower heads off. She walks away in disgust.]
Sparrow Hood: HA!
Daring Charming: I got this.

Back at school, Daring walks inside the building to find Lizzie.
Daring Charming: Hahaha...
In the castleteria.

Check it out. [Holds a hideous painting of her eating.] I painted this, just now. Am I charming or what!

Lizzie Hearts: [Stands up.] No, you're not. [She walks away.]
Daring Charming: [Boldly.] Well, actually I am charming, you know, 'cause it's my last name...
Lizzie is already gone.

On the school grounds, Daring walks up to Lizzie.
Daring Charming: Oh, Lizzie!
Lizzie Hearts: [Annoyed.] What?
Daring Charming: I thought that you might enjoy a tour of the castle...on dragon back! Whaaat!
Lizzie Hearts: [Gasps and exclaims in surprise.]
Although Lizzie is frightened at first, the two of them have the dragon ride until sunset and they both enjoyed it. Finally, they make a stop at the balcony and Daring helps Lizzie off the dragon.
Daring Charming: You gotta admit that that was pretty something wrong?
Lizzie Hearts: I would go out with you, but...I've never been on a date before...
Daring Charming: Well, all those things that we did today - that was pretty much a date.
Lizzie Hearts: [She walks over to Daring.] ...but that was...quite lovely.
Daring Charming: Maybe you'd like to do it again sometime. [Lizzie kisses him on the cheek and he's quite shocked.]
Lizzie Hearts: [She walks back.] Can we keep this a secret? Future Queen of Hearts! I've kind of got a crazy rep going...
Daring Charming: Sure, yeah, I-I won't tell anyone.

The next morning, the bell rings and Daring is humiliated by Sparrow as he washes his dirty clothes.
Students: [Laughing as Daring is scrubbing clothes.]
Sparrow Hood: [Singing.] Yes, that's right! Scrub it good for Sparrow Hood!
Lizzie Hearts: [She walks by and winks at Daring.]
Sparrow Hood: [Singing.] Yeah!
Daring Charming: [Dreamy sigh.]

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