Daring Charming is challenged to go a date with Lizzie Hearts...and ends up being unhexpectedly charmed by her!


In Hocus Latte, Sparrow and Hopper challenge Daring on a date with the next girl walking into the very shop, whereas the loser has to wash the winner's dirty Grimmnastics uniform. As soon as Daring and Sparrow confirm the challenge, Lizzie Hearts walks in. Daring immediately tries charming her, from buying her coffee to giving her flowers, but the gestures only annoy Lizzie. Sparrow mocks Daring in failed attempt, however Daring is determined to win the challenge. Daring arrives at the school premises as the bell rings. While Lizzie is having lunch in the castleteria, Daring disrupts her meal and offers her a hideous portrait of herself eating spaghetti. She simply disapproves of it and walks away.

Later on, Daring calls Lizzie in front of the school and takes her on a tour of the castle by dragon ride. Initially being surprised of this, Lizzie settles down happily as the two depart off the dragon. As soon as the two talk alone, Lizzie confesses she's never been on a date before, although she did enjoy the time they've spent. However, she wishes to keep her Queen of Hearts reputation safe, and proposes to keep the rendezvous a secret. Despite his determination of wanting to win the bet, Daring agrees.

The following day, the students mock and laugh at Daring as he cleans Sparrow's clothes. He spots Lizzie walk by and she cheekily winks at him. He then happily sighs while washing Sparrow's clothes.


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  • The webisode's title spells Lizzie's last name wrong.