Spring Unsprung - Lizzie's map book

Lizzie's map book is map book locating the Well of Wonder and its next whereabouts, specifically. The book was a gift from her mother and was used at the time of the Spring Fairest for Lizzie to get creative inspiration for designing her friends' dresses for said event.


Before the time of Spring Fairest, Lizzie goes for a stroll in the Enchanted Forest, following the map's directions and traveling to the Well of Wonder's next location. Later that week, Ginger Breadhouse is in need of an ingredient for her Chef Showdown food ensemble, which is Wonderland water. After asking for advice from Madeline Hatter, she is sent to Lizzie, who gives her the location of the Well of Wonder; where it will show up next. After stowing it away in her cupboard, Lizzie traverses over to the fair with her friends. During the time of the fair, two Wonderlandians named Alistair Wonderland and Bunny Blanc show up, claiming that they have brought the real Storybook of Legends along with them, but it reveals itself to be a book of riddles. Apple White reads a riddle aloud and finds herself engulfed by a curse that turns her evil. She schemes to rid Ever After of its wonder by plugging up the well, but remembers that she must steal Lizzie's map book so that she can find the Well of Wonder to achieve her goals. She sneaks into Lizzie's dorm room and rummages through her things, then leaps out the window prior to her steal, expecting that a coward-turned-Daring Charming would catch her from her fall. Regardless, the two of them leave to find the well. Prior to finding the well, Apple and her accomplices, while in their cursed state, make a run for it. As soon as the world of Ever After is fully drained of its wonder, Kitty Cheshire bargains with her mother, who decides on playing a game with Kitty and her friends to set things straight. As soon as they acquire the riddle book, Apple's spell is lifted off of her, and she immediately gives back Lizzie's map book. The Wonderlandians take it from there and restore the wonder using the reacquired map book.


The map book is a red hardback book with intricate heart insignia on the four corners of the book. On the spine is a matching Well of Wonder icon, identical to the icon on the front. The background of the front of the book is a checkered black-and-white diamond pattern, joined together with small yellow studs. Inside, the book's pages are blank, but they produce a bright turquoise holographic image matching the location the user is in. The holograph works in a way that pinpoints the user's location, additionally projecting an image of where the well is.


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