The Cat Who Cried Wolf - Cerise is cautious

Little Red Riding Hood, Red Riding Hood, or Little Red Cap, is a European Fairy tale.

The Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood, because of the red hood she always wore. One day, Red Riding Hood's mother told her to go visit her grandmother who was sick, and to bring her a basket of goodies to cheer her up. She warned her daughter to not stray from the path and not to talk to any strangers on the way. Red Riding Hood however, did not listen to her mother, and strayed off the path, and met a wolf. The wolf asked her where she was headed. She told him to her grandma's and where her grandma lived. The wolf tells Red Riding Hood to take her time and pick some flowers for her grandma, while he heads over to granny's and gobbles her up. When Red arrives, the wolf is disguised as granny, fooling Red until it's too late and the wolf gobbles her up too. Full from his meal, the wolf sleeps in granny's bed, until a passing huntsman arrives and frees granny and Red with a swing of his ax, killing the wolf.

Ever After High Version

  • Granny hides in the closet
  • The Wolf doesn't eat Red Riding Hood
  • The Huntsman doesn't kill the wolf.


Red Riding Hood : Cerise Hood

Wolf: Ramona Badwolf

Hunstsman: Hunter Huntsman

Grandmother: Grandma

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