Way Too Wonderland - Daring gets in trouble

Legend is a dragon that resides at Ever After High, mostly associated with Daring Charming. In "Dragon Games", Legend is confirmed to be a female, contrary to what was thought by everyone. She is also the mother to several other dragons in the Ever After High universe, such as Braebyrn, Prince of Scales, Brushfire and Herowing. The students typically use Legend as a training partner, like how Daring normally spars with Legend, or how he enjoys flying Legend around school.



Legend is the last dragon of the original breed. She is a dragon with purple scales, at is least two times larger than her dragon offspring and can carry dozens on her back. She has bright copper eyes with green sclera. Legend has sharp, pointed, fang-like teeth, webbed ears, and large horns and spikes that run down her back and reach her tail. She has wings and a wingspan of several meters.

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