Duchess Swan's Lake - news anchor

Lance Charming is the Village of Book End news anchor. Regularly, he reports on the latest events happening around Ever After. He might be related to the Charming siblings who attend Ever After High, but he also might be of a different Charming family altogether.


In English, Lance Charming is portrayed by Lex Lang.



Though on-camera Lance appears to be upbeat and eager, off-camera, Lance acts sulkily towards his crew and peers.


He has layered blond-streaked gray hair, pale cyan eyes, and a mustache.


Chapter 2


Lance reports Book End news via Mirror Cast. Lizzie Heart's Fairytale First Date He reveals to the public that the Marsh King's restaurant bears unsanitary conditions as the Book End officials shut it down. Duchess Swan's Lake

TV specials

Lance Charming announces the Thronecoming parade's starting, as well as Headmaster Grimm's special announcement. Thronecoming

Chapter 3

TV specials

He broadcasts himself presenting the Spring Fairest. Spring Unsprung

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