At the boring library at school during the final day of summer, Kitty Cheshire sits bored and passes on another endless croquet round with Lizzie Hearts, for today has been a both exhausting and boring day. Disappearing to In-Between (another dimension where Kitty goes once she's invisible), she gains super speed and phases through a shadow of a door. Soon approaching Book End, Kitty finds an orderly girl named Clara Lear and lies to Clara that she's a Book End helper. Kitty directs her to the Tea Shoppe where it is completely "normal". Trusting her advice, Clara leaves. Considering her work finished here, Kitty departs to the wishing well to cause more mischief, appearing by the Sleeping Beauty Palace. Disappearing back into In-Between, she finds Briar asleep in her room as she was packing a while ago, but nonetheless, Kitty rummages around her room of many things and finds jewelry and decides to relocate them around the Palace somewhere, disappearing to the White Castle. As she finds Apple White parading out, she criticizes her blonde hair which sets Apple off. Disappearing in and out of In-Between, Kitty simultaneously appears and disappears all to trash the Castle. Going to Apple's room, Kitty stops dead in her tracks as she finds a sorrowful Snow White and doesn't wish to investigate any further.

Next, Kitty appears in the Charming Family Ballroom, finding a changeling. Somehow sensing her presence, Kitty soon leaves, not wanting to get caught by the creature. Using her disappearing powers, she swim-runs to the roof of the castle and dives from roof to roof. On one roof, however, she finds Darling Charming stuck in a metal box. Only using her hand to reappear in Real, Kitty unlatches the box open and runs away. Another wishing well, Kitty finds Cedar Wood sadly smelling flowers as three boys ask her rude questions. Wanting to retaliate for being rude, Kitty tricks them to go for a swim, but is totally unaware of the kelp forest, only thinking that swimming would give them a stomach ache. Disappearing to another wishing well, she finds Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman, but disappears to another world again at the scent of Hunter.

In another world however, she is able to find Raven Queen, playing a solemn song which warms her. Not wanting to cause any trouble than what might already happen on Legacy Year, Kitty leaves. Vanishing back to Ever After High, Kitty finds Lizzie building a mini home for hedgehogs. Back to the library, Kitty drops a good book about garden tending on Lizzie's foot. Reappearing in another corner, Kitty claims she's been catnapping the entire day.


  1. Kitty Cheshire
  2. Lizzie Hearts
  3. White Queen
  4. Madeline Hatter
  5. Clara Lear
  6. Briar Beauty
  7. Beauty brothers
  8. Apple White
  9. Snow White
  10. Changeling
  11. Darling Charming
  12. Cedar Wood
  13. Boys
  14. Ashlynn Ella
  15. Hunter Huntsman
  16. Raven Queen