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At school things are as bustling as usual. Blondie walks over to Apple's locker.
Male narrator: You can't be serious! There are definitely more Rebels at Ever After High than Royals.
Female narrator: Wanna bet? [Blondie holds out her MirrorPad and it catches Apple's attention.] What about Apple White? [Apple poses and birds fly to her.] She upholds Royal tradition while always being the fairest of them all! [Blondie is impressed.]
Raven is standing next to Apple's locker and is slightly annoyed with how typical Apple and Blondie are acting.
Male narrator: Sure, but Rebel Raven Queen [She mimics Apple's pose and does a funny face, but finds that the birds unexpectedly fly over to her as well.] happens to be rewriting her destiny!
Flash to Briar sleeping in class.
Female narrator: Well. Briar Beauty is a Royal through and through!
Flash to Cerise scaring away the billy goats gruff.
Male narrator: Cerise Hood: total Rebel.
Flash to Blondie and Ashlynn, the former looking at her MirrorPad and the latter considering shoes.
Female narrator: Blondie Lockes! Ashlynn Ella!
Flash to Cedar jogging and Hunter in the woods.
Male narrator: Cedar Wood, Hunter Huntsman...
Female narrator: Holly O'Hair!
Male narrator: Uhh...Poppy O'Hair!
Waving from below.
Madeline Hatter: Aha! Exs-coodoo-loo! Down here - it's me, yes. [She taps her chin.] What about Kitty Cheshire? [Gestures over to Kitty, who is napping.] She's kind of hard to categorize.
Male narrator: Kitty? Ah, well, she's obviously a Rebel!
Female narrator: Kitty Cheshire is a Royal!

Maddie crosses her arms.

Male narrator: Y'know, let's just watch Kitty. Shall we? [Kitty opens one eye and notices that the narrators are debating.] And we'll see that she's a Rebel!
Female narrator: Royal!

Out in the fields, the Royals are preparing for a game together.
Female narrator: That's Kitty playing on the Royal Croquet Team. [Kitty tosses a ball of yarn in replacement of the usual croquet ball.] I'm right!
Male narrator: Ah-ah. But mixing things up - [Lizzie hits the yarn ball with her mallet and the yarn goes everywhere.] that's...pretty rebellious!
Kitty Cheshire: [Kitty giggles and the Royals around her are not amused.]

In the Mad Hatter's tea shop, Kitty receives her tea from a floating tea kettle and sips on it, along with having a chat with Duchess.
Female narrator: Well, there she is having tea with Duchess Swan. Who is a Royal.
Male narrator: Madeline Hatter's very rebellious Wonderland Tea Shoppe? And, look. [Kitty throws a paper plane.] Only a Rebel would cause this kind of trouble [The plane hits Hunter in the head.] in class.
Female narrator: [Hunter notices and believes that it is Sparrow who threw the plane.] Being mischievous is [Hunter jumps Sparrow and the two start brawling.] Kitty following her story. Which all good Royals do. [Kitty smirks and watches the chaos unravel.]

Kitty is taking a catnap and Maddie climbs up on the tree.
Madeline Hatter: [She appears.] Hey, Kitty! [Giggling.] Can I ask you something? See, the Narrators have been watching you, and―
Kitty Cheshire: [She wakes up.] And they want to know if I'm a Royal, or a Rebel.
Male narrator: She knew? [Kitty closes her eyes again.] Ah. No fair! [A branch cracks and Maddie is alarmed.]
Female narrator: Not cool! [The branch Maddie is standing on lowers.]
Madeline Hatter: Ahh! [She hits the ground and her eyes spin around for a bit. She giggles.]
At the bottom of the tree.
Kitty Cheshire: [Appears next to Maddie.] I would tell them, but...where's the fun in that? Chaos is keeping people guessing - and that makes this kitty purr...[She disappears.]
Madeline Hatter: [Laughing.]
Kitty Cheshire: At the top of a tree.

[Reappears.] Time for a catnap. [She closes her eyes.]

Male narrator: I'm confused. Are there more Rebels, [Kitty disappears from her first tree.] or Royals? [She reappears on another.]
Female narrator: [Duchess enters and she is dancing on water.] Uhm...hey, there's Duchess Royal! [She leaps out.]
Male narrator: Oh, yeah? [Maddie laughs loudly in the background and appears behind a bush.] What about Madeline Hatter herself? You can't get any more rebellious than that! Am I right, or am I right?
Female narrator: I'm right.

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