Kiss and Spell is the second book of the Ever After High book series, written by Suzanne Selfors. It was released on April 07, 2015.


Chapter 1: A Delivery for Ginger

Melody is delighted that Ginger Breadhouse's cupcakes have been finished baking and is eager to taste one straight out of the oven, regardless if she's in for a burn or two. Remembering that it's delivery day, Ginger has to rush to the mail room. Her pet gummy fish Jelly and Melody wave her goodbye. Since the mail room is way across campus, Ginger has to rush up several staircases and runs into a few Rebels, who are all fans of her cooking. After finally making it to the mail room, Ginger requests her package to the dull troll lady in the counter who has unexpectedly forgotten her name, no matter how many times she's visited. The troll lady rummages around for the package and they shift their topic over to hit MirrorCast shows, since Ginger brings up the topic of her show, Spells Kitchen. A new MirrorCast has surfaced named Daring's Day, which is much more popular than Spells Kitchen as one episode there has more views than Ginger's show's episodes combined. No longer wanting to fret on that any longer, Ginger walks from the mail room back to outside where she finds a horde of girls crowding around a mirror hanging on a grand-sized tree. It's Daring's Day being broadcasted and the show clearly has avid fans, unlike Ginger's show. Once again, Ginger is being clouded with doubt per the fact that she's not as famous as the other students, probably since she's the daughter of the Candy Witch.

Chapter 2: Snacking Time

Although everyone believed that the Candy Witch had the idea of fattening Hansel up so that she could eat him, that was actually a lie. In truth, Hansel and Gretel were discourteous children with no self-control, as they trespassed and sneaked in the witch's house so they could eat it in the first place. When the Candy Witch rung their parents to pick them up to ensure the two of them faced punishment for what they've done, the two tried to cover up their actions by lying. Hansel and Gretel's parents believed them and told everyone they knew about the "horrid" nature of the Candy Witch. As nobody would trust a witch, Hansel and Gretel's lie of a tale was written in the Storybook of Legends. Now that the Candy Witch was cursed to be evil, the Candy Witch believed that she might as well try. When she had Ginger, Ginger was defensive for her mother. When she was to enroll in kindergarten, Ginger had to take long carriage rides to Aesop's school as no one there knew of her heritage. On snack duty day, Ginger's mother frightened the class just by her presence and offering of normal treats. Afterwards, every student in class isolated Ginger as they were afraid. Distraught about the matter, Ginger wished that she would have a different fairytale parent, but she was still young. The Candy Witch assured her that she would embrace her time.

Chapter 3: Kissing Booth

Early in the morning, Ginger strolls across campus and gets a whiff of Hagatha's food from the castleteria with her enhanced sense of smell. Spotting something in the distance, she finds Hopper in a kissing booth in order to raise money for the Tech Club so that they can buy new equipment. With the fact that their booth is unpopular and that they haven't raised any money, Sparrow Hood stops by for a few laughs and taunts. Watching afar, Ginger is confident that this could be a form of confessing her feelings to Hopper, but is stopped as other girls walk to the booth, namely Briar and Apple. Briar, for one, is very candid about her feelings for this project. She dislikes the idea of paid kisses. Apple pays in a dollar but would rather save her kisses for her future prince. Afterwards, the two walk off and Hopper is disappointed. Ginger hides behind a tree and overhears his conversation with Humphrey. Ginger wishes she could make it up to Hopper, but for now she has to depart to set up for her MirrorCast show.

Chapter 4: Cooking Lessons

Ginger was not at Aesop's school after the incident with her mother. So for the last year of kindergarten, she was homeschooled by her mother. Being well-rounded and covering most of the subjects, the subject Ginger instantly took a liking to was cooking with her mother, excluding the evil-recipe days. Ginger especially disliked using the cauldron and would not accept her destiny as the next Candy Witch, but she'd figure it out soon enough. One night, Ginger sneaked out of her room to bake a special home-made cake. She gathered sensible ingredients from the pantry like eggs and goat milk, then found a recipe in a nonpoisonous cookbook to follow. The next morning when dawn came, she went out of the house and a milk boy stopped her to try the cake. He found it delicious and her first ever treat was a success. Then and there, Ginger found out how she could make friends, and that was by cooking.

Chapter 5: Spells Kitchen

Regularly, Spells Kitchen is streamed inside the Cooking Class-ic classroom. As she sets up, some of the Tech Club crew like Dexter Charming and Humphrey come to help her, along with Blondie Lockes, who is helping her make her make spelly donuts and to get more viewers. Hopper is unable to attend because of his stomach ache which the guys are suspecting Hagatha's stew soup's doing, but Ginger believes he's also upset about the kissing booth incident. As the show starts, Blondie has slight worries that Ginger had plans to turn her into a pig regarding the description, but Ginger notes how she crossed out the "pig" bit. After the show is concluded, Ginger wraps it up flawlessly. Blondie checks how many live viewers the show has received, but despite the success in making the donuts, Blondie is afraid that the show is going to have to come to a close as the show has only received five.

Chapter 6: Dumpty's Doubts

Blondie and Ginger sit together in the castleteria, with Ginger still upset about her show's outcome. Blondie reassures her that everyone has a bad day once in a while. Ginger explains how her show pales in comparison to hers, but Blondie secretly tells her that her viewers have been down ten percent lately, and that's because of Daring's show, Daring's Day. Ginger herself is quite perplexed as to why people are enticed in watching Daring's show - she doesn't find it quite as much as interesting as baking or reporting news. Blondie states that this is because of Daring's high family status and how everyone looks up to the Charmings. A little while later it is Blondie's turn to stream her MirrorCast and Ginger felt a little envious by the fact that Blondie does it like a natural. While Blondie is streaming, Humphrey calls Ginger over for a talk about Ginger's show and how Daring gets the easy slice of life. Humphrey's declaration is unarguable.

On another note, as an active member of the Tech Club (and several others), Humphrey breaks it to Ginger that because of her viewers, he is shifting his focus to other things and will no longer be helping her with her MirrorCast. Ginger pleads Humphrey for another chance and soon enough, Humphrey submits.

Chapter 7: Science and Sorcery

At Science and Sorcery, Cedar is being called out by Professor Rumpelstiltskin because she forgot that she still had her gold bracelet on. He gives her a pop quiz on what his middle name is as a form of punishment for wearing gold in his class. As Cedar takes her seat, Ginger herself is quite eager to start the class regardless of the ridiculous regulations in the class, because Science and Sorcery bears some same qualities as cooking, but Science and Sorcery requires more precision and less trial-in-error. Next to Ginger, Faybelle complains about how she hates the subject. Rumpelstiltskin declares that the potion they will be making in Science and Sorcery is a boot-cleaning potion, because his boots are dirty. Like all the other projects Ginger has had with Faybelle, Ginger does most of the work and Faybelle sits and watches, soon taking all the credit. Ginger strongly argues that if Faybelle at least helps it would be a lot easier, but instead of helping her Faybelle gives her a few words of advice that Ginger will never take likely, and that's being evil. However, something interesting that Faybelle said which catches Ginger's attention is sinking low and actually poisoning food for the sake of saving Spells Kitchen.

Chapter 8: The Desperate Deal

After trying to have a conversation about her MirrorCast show with a stubborn Rumpelstiltskin involving some spells to get more views for her MirrorCast, Rumpelstiltskin reminisces about his date with Ginger's mother when they were younger instead. Ginger soon becomes candid about the matter at hand and is in need of his assistance. He is indeed willing to help her and give her a recipe for a wish cake. A wish cake that is likely to save her show, but on one condition: he must get a date with her mother. Considering how poorly he's been treating the students, Ginger bets that her mother might slip a few potions in the food she serves to him on their date. Eager to see the outcome and eager for Rumpelstiltskin to get what's coming, they make a pact.

Chapter 9: Hocus Pocus

After classes are finished for the day, Ginger heads over to the Village of Book End. Hocus Latte, specifically. There she views the recipe scroll Rumpelstiltskin had given her earlier on. It reads that the baker of the cake is forbidden to eat it otherwise the spell will vanish, and that the baker must only attempt baking it once in their lifetime or else the cake and baker will both be contaminated. The rest are wish rules, such as wishing for something little and not about other people, which confuses Ginger a bit. As Blondie's MirrorCast starts streaming across the café, students are eager to watch it live. As soon as Blondie mentions Spells Kitchen, most students are unaware of the show, to Ginger's discontentment. Soon, Melody finds Ginger and has a conversation with her, sympathetic that her show is to close down. Melody quickly finds the scroll in Ginger's hand and just before Ginger can actually tell Melody, Blondie suddenly pops up and interviews her on the new information. Ginger tells them all about the cake and they start fighting to be her guest star on Spells Kitchen, but Ginger breaks it to them that they are unable to wish for fame; simply a little wish can suffice. Melody and Blondie are both quite underwhelmed by that fact.

Hopper soon enters the café which sparks an idea in Ginger. Noticing how she missed her chance with him at the kissing booth, Ginger finally knows how to make it up to him, and that's for him to guest star on her show. As Blondie believes that Ginger is making a huge mistake and is not going to invite someone controversial or popular like Daring or the Evil Queen, then it's all for naught.

Chapter 10: Frog Talk

Ginger plans on catching up with Hopper and she believes she can make it out of Hocus Latte on foot and find him before he reaches the school grounds. She finds him frozen in place, flustered as he tries to talk to Briar who is walking by glued to her phone. Hopper turns into a frog after trying to get Briar to talk with him after all she shoots him is a glance and a curt hello. Ginger musters up the courage to go talk to Hopper. Surprisingly, she's not really as nervous as she thought he would be, given that he's in his frog form and he is easier to talk to. Ginger uses this time to invite him as a guest star on her MirrorCast show, which Hopper is initially skeptical of. Ginger assures him that he will simply help her in the baking of a wish cake. Although this guest starring in Hopper's eyes is a form of winning Briar over, Ginger herself might consider on asking Hopper out on a date, as she is very confident that she's made the right choice - letting viewers witness Hopper's wish come true.

Chapter 11: Mommy Makeover

Back when Ginger was a little older, she gathered up the courage to attend school again. Though this time, she ensured to be extra cautious when it came to her mother. One day the school principal, John Thumb, gave her a ticket to give to her parent for graduation day. When Ginger arrived home she thought on throwing her graduation parent admission ticket in the bin until her mother caught her in the act. Ginger complained to her mother about how she did not fit in, and ran to her room afterwards.

The following morning, Ginger's mother gave her a slight surprise as she wanted a makeover so that she could be unrecognizable for the sake of her daughter on graduation day. After tiring hours, Ginger noticed that the final outcome was worth the wait, however her mother was in need of weekly maintenance. When signing down her name, the Candy Witch covers up her name as "Ms. Breadhouse", thankfully saving Ginger.

Chapter 12: Ms. Breadhouse to the Rescue

On a Sunday morning, Ginger is memorizing her wish cake recipe when Professor Rumpelstiltskin sends her a text about the time of his date with her mother. Concerning that, Ginger video calls her mother and finds that she is still putting up the effort with her makeover but still struggles a bit with the makeup. Ginger confesses to her mother that she set her mother up a date with Rumpelstiltskin in exchange for a recipe to save her show. Her mother is willing to go out on a date with Rumpelstiltskin for the sake of Ginger and her happiness, so she declares that she will make the date unforgettable. As soon as Ginger ends the call, Faybelle barges and reveals that she's been eavesdropping.

Chapter 13: Fairy Blackmail

Faybelle flies in the room, leaving Ginger alarmed. She overhears her admittance of a crush on Hopper, and she hears about the wish cake. She tries to make an offer with Ginger, who is surprised that Melody hasn't defended her thus far. Apparently Melody is concentrated on listening to music and hasn't noticed that Faybelle had invaded their dorm. Faybelle threatens Ginger that if she doesn't let her wish on the wish cake, she will tell everyone about Ginger's secret crush on Hopper. But regardless, Ginger has made up her mind and firmly tells Faybelle that there is nothing she can do about it. Left baffled, Faybelle leaves.

Chapter 14: A Wonderful Wish Day

Half excited and nervous, Ginger departs from her dorm with high hopes for her show. Despite the negativity that Faybelle is bringing to the table, Ginger doesn't let that get to her. In the Cooking Class-ic room, Ginger makes the potion for the wish cake beforehand to avoid any mess ups on-camera. Not long afterwards, the Tech Club, Hopper and Blondie are all setting up. A huge crowd is gathered in the Cooking Class-ic room and several people are on the edge of their seats for the show to start, and Hopper is still waiting for Briar to arrive. With a little stumble at first, Ginger picks herself up and is positive that her recipe is going to save the show. As her show starts broadcasting, viewers have tripled to Ginger and Blondie's delight. Ginger starts carefully baking the ingredients for the small cake and after it is done baking, she lets Hopper eat it. Hopper notes that the cake doesn't taste very nice, but he eats all of it and makes a wish, the wish being him not turning into a frog the next time he speaks with Briar. But as he eats the cake, Briar walks in and greets him, making Hopper blush. Usually, his blush would signify his frog transformation. The blush leaves his face for a second, but ultimately the wish failed. Everyone is let down by this and viewers start dropping vastly.

Wrapping the show up with dissatisfaction on their faces, the Tech Club officially deemed Spells Kitchen to a close, with Ginger herself losing hope.

Chapter 15: A Sleepless Night

In her dorm, Ginger finds herself unable to sleep because of her embarrassment. She feels ashamed of herself for overwhelming the entire school because of her cooking show fail, and she had not only embarrassed herself, but Hopper too. She stares at posters of celebrity chef Jack Horner on her wall, which she soon tears down and hides in her closet. Ginger feels like she can never pursue her dreams of becoming a chef fully as her reputation is tarnished, and looking at Jack Horner clearly did not help her. Melody, for one, believes that Ginger is overreacting. Despite her reputation, she did have friends. Ginger shoots back at Melody and tells her to put herself in her shoes. When Ginger gets dressed for another day at Ever After High, she discards all of her usual clothing and wears the most plain clothes in her dresser she finds.

When Ginger walks out, Blondie finds her and asks her why she suddenly decided to change herself. Ginger is interrupted by Faybelle, who pushes Ginger to the point where she doesn't bother listening to her anymore. Daring shows up and restricts Blondie from filming him because of his—barely visible—eye bags. Daring reveals that Hopper is the cause of his tiredness. As his roommate, Daring explains how Hopper has been croaking nonstop all night long in frog form and is unable to revert back, strangely.

Chapter 16: Frog Forever After

To get to the bottom of this, Ginger lets herself in after knocking in Hopper and Daring's dorm room since there is no answer. Hopper is found on his bed, not answering Ginger as she asks him a few questions. Ginger suddenly remembers why Hopper is a frog and discovers that remaining a frog forever was his second wish that the cake had granted. At that note, Hopper leaps out the window, with his pet dragonfly Drake behind him.

Chapter 17: Eenie Meenie

Ginger chases after Hopper and Blondie finds her. Not wanting Blondie to interfere in case she might lose Hopper in her lookout, Ginger looks around and spots Hopper jump into a swan pond. Ginger tries swimming in it so that she can get Hopper back. Milton himself misunderstands that Ginger is just trying to follow her destiny. Once she catches Hopper, she meets up with Blondie and Faybelle sneaks up on them, threatening to jeopardize Ginger's reputation by telling Hopper's parents that she's permanently turned him into a frog, despite lying. Once Faybelle leaves, Ginger swears that she'll change him back.

Chapter 18: The Golden Rule

With Hopper in her hand, Ginger makes her way to the Science and Sorcery classroom where she can find Rumpelstiltskin to ask for more advice. She checks in the attic and finds him there, who tells her about a golden rule that she probably can't apply in this case. Seeing as Hopper made a little wish out of his embarrassment, Rumpelstiltskin claims that there is no reversal possible for this kind of spell.

On the other hand, he also reminds her about the date, which is that day, leaving Ginger slightly frazzled at that point. Unknowingly, Hopper escapes from her hand and jumps off again. Ginger soon notices that Hopper is missing and goes to find him, but she sees her mother in the distance making her way to school instead.

Chapter 18: A Nonpoisoned Picnic

Ginger finds her mother, who is already prepped with all the date treats in a "normal"-themed picnic basket. Ginger explains how she expected her mother to bring poisoned food or something along those lines. The Candy Witch comments that she didn't want her daughter to look bad, so she cooked normal (but horrible-tasting) things. Ginger soon realizes that her mother didn't need to change herself to make Ginger look better, because her true friends accept her for who she is. She continues to tell her mother that she can be herself as everyone in Ever After High knows Ginger's story. Aware that Ginger has changed herself too, the Candy Witch and Ginger both agree on changing back to their true selves.

Next, Ginger asks her mother about Hopper and converses with her about the issues that have been going on. The solution to her problem is fairly simple: Find Hopper in the swamps and get a princess to kiss him.

Chapter 19: The Princess Ploy

Finding a princess to kiss Hopper, Ginger sees Apple and Apple wakes Briar up. After slightly accusing Ginger of poisoning Hopper, Ginger just gets to the point. The "kissing Hopper" part catches Apple's attention and she rises up to the duty she is given by Ginger, after commenting that her story is the most well-known, her kiss will positively fix Hopper. Briar says otherwise, and the two both start arguing. This argument also catches Ashlynn Ella and Raven's attention. Ashlynn only adds more fuel to the flames but Raven tones everything down and they all head to the swamp together.

Chapter 20: The Ever After Swamp

The princesses and Ginger make their way into the swamp until they find a horde of frogs in one bunch together. Blondie soon joins them after a little snooping and she records the princesses, excluding Ginger, kissing the horde of frogs. Drake soon flies around Ginger and thanks to Drake, Ginger locates Hopper in the horde. Out of pure instinct Ginger picks Hopper up and kisses him.

Chapter 21: Happy Hopper

Surprisingly, Hopper is turned back to normal thanks to Ginger's kiss, but Ginger and everyone else is totally unaware of it. Apple and Briar have another argument on who kissed him, but Ashlynn takes notice that only Ginger was on that side of the swamp where she kissed him. Ginger lies that Briar kissed him, though, for Hopper's happiness.

Chapter 22: Chef Ginger

On Spells Kitchen, Ginger makes a comeback and this time she includes her mother as a guest star on her show and introduces her mother to all of her friends. After expressing her pride for Ginger, the show starts and Ginger is sick of hiding her true self from everyone. She now knows that embracing herself and being happy with who she is, is the first step to living a fulfilled life in which she can pursue her dreams.


  1. Melody Piper
  2. Ginger Breadhouse
  3. Jelly
  4. Raven Queen
  5. Cedar Wood
  6. Troll lady
  7. Daring Charming
  8. Ashlynn Ella
  9. Holly O'Hair
  10. Apple White
  11. Candy Witch
  12. Hansel
  13. Gretel
  14. Sister Goose
  15. Hagatha
  16. Hopper Croakington II
  17. Humphrey Dumpty
  18. Sparrow Hood
  19. Cheerhexers
  20. Briar Beauty
  21. Milk boy
  22. Dexter Charming
  23. Blondie Lockes
  24. Rumpelstiltskin
  25. Faybelle Thorn
  26. John Thumb
  27. Drake
  28. Smallfolk

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