Old King Cole is a character who appeared in the Book The Unfairest of Them All. He is the Old King Cole from the nursery rhyme with same name.



He is a very merry man, and he's constantly smiling. He laughs anywhere, anytime, and because of anything. He enjoys food, drink, games, music and everything related to happiness.


He is an old man. He uses a hearing trumpet because of his low audition.



Old King Cole had attended one of Snow White's dinner parties once. He seems to be kind to everyone.


Apple visits Old King Cole for advice on how to be a good ruler, because she figured that a man that happy must hold the secret to successfully ruling a kingdom. King Cole is a cheerful old soul and plays checkers with her. But when Apple tried to ask questions, he always laughed or said nonsense things. Apple was confused, and the King asked his two violinists to start playing.

He said he was just teasing her, and responds: "Listen, the populace is happy when their ruler is happy. So just be merry!". Apple was sure that laughing loudly would not solve Ever After's problems, so she let the king beat her and went in search of another fairy tale.

Fairy Tale

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