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Justice is one of the stores that has a license to sell exclusive Ever After High merchandise.


The two diaries were released in Late June, 2013. They are 6"x8" and come with a feather pen and a lock with two gold-colored keys.


The two (sets of) necklaces were released in Late June, 2013. One is a gold-colored necklace with with a square locket that on the inside reads "Rewrite Your Destiny". The other is actually a set of gold-colored necklaces to be shared by friends. One necklace features a glittery purple heart-shaped charm with the text "Best Friends Forever After" on it ánd a glittery purple key-shaped charm. Its match features a glittery pink heart-shaped charm with the text "Best Friends Forever After" on it ánd a glittery pink lock-shaped charm


Three Ever After High t-shirts were released in Late June, 2013. All are short-sleeved casual fit and composed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The gray one sports the face logo of Ever After High, the white one sports the lock logo, and the purple one has text on it, which reads: "Believe In Fairytales. Rewrite your destiny. Happily ever after starts now! Dream".


Release date: August 2013
Item No.: 1443792 (RQ)
Item No.: 1443791 (AW)

The first two costumes produced by Justice were released shortly after the franchise's launch and represent the two main characters — Raven Queen and Apple White — in their 'Signature' fashions. Both costumes were sold without wigs, leggings, and shoes, which had to be purchased separately.

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