Before heading to the multi-hex for their first date, Raven seeks advice from Blondie on how to calm her pre-first-date jitters.


Madeline has tea in the middle of the halls, with Raven barely paying attention due to her brooding on making her date with Dexter a perfect one. With a perfectionist in mind, Madeline takes Raven to find Blondie. Meanwhile, Dexter consults Daring about his mixed feelings on making the move.

At the coffeeshop, Raven signals Blondie over to her table and Blondie is extremely excited for her MirrorCast on the ‘art of decorating cupcakes’ to commence. She asks Faybelle for a cupcake, but she casually throws her name tag on Blondie and hostilely walks off. After Blondie remarks on Faybelle’s rudeness, Raven slowly begins to explain to Blondie about her date with Dexter but is interrupted several times.

Back to Daring and Dexter, Dexter is doting on how the date will be disastrous. Daring beckons his brother to listen and simply flash a smile at the girl students, which the girls fall for instantly at the sight of Darings. Imitating him, Dexter makes a first attempt, which they are disgusted on. Slightly irritated by Blondies hyperactivity, Raven loses control of her magic but instead, transforms Blondie's dress into something appropriate for her MirrorCast, who escorts Raven out, assuring her that she will be “just right”.


  1. Madeline Hatter
  2. Earl Grey
  3. Raven Queen
  4. Poppy O'Hair
  5. Lizzie Hearts
  6. Dexter Charming
  7. Daring Charming
  8. Blondie Lockes
  9. Faybelle Thorn



  • The backgrounder girl in gray is missing her usual grey bow, either that, or she is a completely different girl.
  • This webisode may refer to that Blondie may or may not dislike, or may or may not be okay with left-handed people.
  • This webisode highly shows Blondie's need/needs for perfection, and Blondie's distastes for imperfection, also criticism.
  • The boys Blondie has shown up on her MirrorPad are possibly members of One Reflection.


  • Why does Faybelle "work there" if she already quit in the first episode of Chapter 3?
  • The backgrounder girl in grey is missing her usual bow. It might be an error, or a different girl.


  • This webisode promotes the Just Sweet doll series.
  • This webisode aired on a Friday, continuing the events from the last webisode.