Jinx is a dragon that appears in the TV special "Dragon Games". She is one of Legend's newborn babies that was grown into an adult dragon.



Jinx is part of Legend's litter of baby dragons, when it is revealed she's actually female. However, she is part of the half of the batch that gets cursed by the Evil Queen, disguised as Mira Shards, when Raven Queen suggests they heat the yet incubating eggs, using dark magic. The result is half of the eggs birth healthy and kind dragons, when the other half birth hostile and evil dragons. Jinx is part of this batch, and is negleted by the students, who fear them, and, with her evil brothers and sisters, she secludes herself from the rest of her family. Eventually, she's welcomed by the Evil Queen, who uses them to set chaos through the school during her short take over to attract Raven to her, and some of them are taken by Faybelle Thorn to patrol around the school, preventing escapees.


Grown dragon

Jinx is a four-legged dragon with a regal complexion, with a color scheme consisting of pitch black scales with metallic blue and white accents, which accumulate around the muzzle and chest. Her wings are big and are similar to those of bats and feature flame like imagery, in white. The horns are a curled backwards and have spikes, as does the long tail, which end in a tuft of pastel pink, blue and magenta hair. The legs have sharp claws and she has big red eyes surrounded by a thick metallic blue brow, that's crusty and has divides into lightning bolts in the ends, and in between the two eyes, there's a permanent headdress of several gemstones in some kind of pattern. Like the other dark dragons, she has sharper features than the other Legend babies.

Baby dragon

Baby Jinx features similar design details as grown Jinx, in complexion, only the anatomy changes, the head being bigger and the body smaller, with a more youthful appearance overall.


  • Jinx isn't actually named on the show, but the Instagram account of Ever After High names her and the Evil Queen's team in the Vote In The Dragon Games Tournament Poll as Team Jinx.


  • January 29, 2016: Jinx has her cartoon debut in Dragon Games.
  • February 02, 2016: Jinx is announced as part of the Vote In The Dragon Games Tournament poll, as part of Team Jinx, alongside the Evil Queen.
  • March 31, 2016: Jinx is revealed to be in seventh place on the poll.