On the last day before leaving for Ever After High, it is business as usual at the Huntsman cabin: breakfast, followed by chores. Hunter's family is not big on conversation, which is just as well since Hunter is trying to hide his vegetarian stance from his parents. After cleaning up, Hunter accompanies his father to check their traps, much to his dismay. Hunter contemplates the destiny that awaits him. Following the lessons he's learned from his father is second nature to him, but he is having a hard time reconciling hunting with his animal-loving conscience.

As he and his father reach trap after empty trap, Hunter becomes more anxious. The Huntsman detects animal fur in each trap, yet somehow each animal has gotten free. Hunter had been breaking them out in secret, but he made up a weak story about how the animals may have escaped on their own. Just then, they hear a cry for help and run towards it. They come across a farmer with a twisted ankle who claims he saw a wolf. Hunter decides to scout while his father helps the injured man home. He spends the whole day searching but does not find any wolf tracks.

As he is headed home, Hunter hears a bird call out in distress. He heads towards it, but sees a maiden tending to the bird's nest before he gets there. Inspired by her kindness, Hunter builds a bird house out of makeshift natural items and quietly hangs it near the girl, leaving before she can spot him. He wants to introduce himself to her, but he remembers that it is Legacy Year and she is not part of his destiny. The only comfort for the dutiful hero is to daydream.


  1. Hunter Huntsman
  2. The Huntsman
  3. The Huntsman's wife
  4. Fern Huntsman
  5. A farmer
  6. Ashlynn Ella