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Humphrey Dumpty debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 2 webisode "True Hearts Day Part 2", which premiered on February 04, 2014. He is voiced by Cindy Robinson in the English version of the cartoon.

Chapter 2


Best Feather Forward - Duchess is desperate
Humphrey walks over to Hunter Huntsman's table and tries to get a seat, but Hunter informs him the spot is reserved for Ashlynn. Humphrey sneaks out to attend the True Hearts Day dance. True Hearts Day Part 3 Humphrey tries to fix the Mirror Network, the Ever After High version of the internet from the MirrorLab. MirrorNet Down Humphrey accidentally falls down the stairs. Poppy the Roybel Humphrey carries books with him in the Enchanted Forest. Cerise's Picnic Panic Humphrey gets zapped by electrical wires. Cupid Comes Clean... Kinda Humphrey and Dexter interview the Thronecoming candidates. And the Thronecoming Queen is... Humphrey falls down the stairs, breaking his eggs he's been planning to cook for an omelette. Apple helps him out, luckily. Humphrey is curious on how to pay her back, and she simply says by "paying it forward". Later on, Humphrey hears sobbing, and it's coming from Duchess. She is worried she will flunk her Muse-ic project due to her off-key singing voice. Humphrey helps her by recording Duchess's dancing and showing it to the class which gives Duchess an A plus. Humphrey states that a simple form of repayment is by paying it forward. Best Feather Forward

TV specials

Humphrey walks over to Hunter Huntsman's table and tries to get a seat, but Hunter informs him the spot is reserved for Ashlynn. Humphrey sneaks out to attend the True Hearts Day dance. True Hearts Day Humphrey and Dexter are in charge of the voting. Humphrey and Dexter mess up the voting count at Thronecoming. Thronecoming Humphrey attends the Chef Showdown and reads a verse from the cursed Book of Wonderland Riddles. He turns into a brave Humphrey who believes he's unbreakable and even climbs atop of a wall and flies away on jetpacks, crashing soon after, much to Cerise's worry. He's is later seen being frozen by the lack of magic and freed later by Kitty Cheshire's whit. Spring Unsprung

Chapter 3


Humphrey is given treats by Ginger, but referring to what Gus and Helga claim, Humphrey is not very eager anymore. Ginger in the BreadHOUSE Humphrey is in the watching audience. Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic Humphrey lines up for coffee. An Hexclusive Invitation He attends the class field trip to the Legacy Orchard. The Legacy Orchard Humphrey hangs by the rink. Fairest on Ice Humphrey finds himself under the lovesickness spell from Cupid's arrows. Heart Struck Humphrey watches Apple and Raven's croquet match. Croquet-Tastrophe! Humphrey walks with Sparrow Hood and Alistair Wonderland in the school corridors. What's in the Cards for Courtly Jester? Humphrey watches the sporting events at the bleachers. Tri-Castle-On

TV specials

Humphrey has breakfast in the Castleteria. Way Too Wonderland

Chapter 4


Humphrey gathers his technology to help Justine set up a trap in her room. Humphrey sets up an infrared beam motion detector using his technology equipment so that when the thief trips the beam, triggers will go off and video cameras will record the crime. He's confident that his plan won't fail. Moonlight Mystery He is seen dancing to Melody Piper's music. Piping Hot Beats Jillian succeeds at her most recent attempt to break the record of beanstalk climbing and sealth gathering magical items from Beanstalk High, these items being the giant's golden goose and harp.
Beanstalk Bravado - Humphrey njv
After she heroiacally comes back down in a parachute and the crowd engulfs her with cheers, she approaches Humphrey, who begs her to teach her how to be brave. While initially she isn't fond of the idea, she's lured in by Humphrey's bean offering. She takes him to a tall tower to face his fear of heights, but he's too terrified, so she takes him to a lower balcony instead. He's still scared, so she resorts to teach him beanwtalk climbing, which he isn't good at either, so she decides to finally tell him that maybe that heights are not where his talents lie and that he should explore what he's more adversed at. She is shocked when her class is interrupted by Humphrey's brave action to try to climb the Beanstalk by himself, after her words, and she rushes to help him, and when she gets there she finds him hanging of a falling branch and commands him to jump to her, but when he's to afraid, he decides to put herself in danger to call out for his inner bravery but getting hersef hanging by her feet, in a similar branch. The plan works and she's saved by Humphrey, and after congratulating him, she jumps with him off the Beanstalk and the two fall safely to the ground, through a parachute, where a cheering crowd awaits the two. Beanstalk Bravado

TV specials

Humphrey is trapped in his floating school and Jillian Beanstalk attempts assisting him by growing a giant beanstalk. Dragon Games


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