Hopper Croakington II and the Princely Present: A Little Drake Story is the second pet-centric companion book of Kiss and Spell and the fourth pet-centric companion book of the Ever After High book series. It was released on May 05, 2015.


Hopper and Sparrow have breakfast together and Hopper's eyes fix on Briar sitting the other table - or rather, sleeping on a friend's shoulder. When Briar wakes up, she notices that her friends Apple and Ashlynn have been talking about her birthday coming up. When Briar walks over, Hopper tries wooing her with a corny pickup line, but Briar dismisses him and walks away. Sparrow suggests on getting Briar a birthday present, though, Hopper wouldn't know what to get her. Hopper asks his roommate, Daring Charming, on his input. Daring suggests getting Briar a piece of jewelry. Suddenly, Daring's fan club calls him out of his dorm to a meeting. Briar walks by in time, so Daring pulls her in the picture. Since she has places to be, Briar tells Hopper to advice Daring to not crowd the halls. Her starting the conversation catches Hopper off-guard and he turns into a frog. In the corner of Hopper's eye, he spots a dragonfly. Hopper fights the urge to eat it, and reassures the dragonfly that he won't. However, the dragonfly spews fire at Hopper, who dodges in time. Hopper thinks that this would be a uniquely great present for Briar, but the dragonfly flies away, leaving Hopper before he has the time to formulate a plan.

Hopper finds the dragonfly in his dorm again and tries to get along with it. The dragonfly lights the dorm's chandelier using its powers. This gives Hopper an idea. The next day is Briar's birthday; Hopper calls on the help of his dragonfly friend again, finding Briar sleeping in the castleteria. Like usual, Hopper joins Sparrow. The morning MirrorCast jolts Briar up. The headmaster wishes Briar a happy birthday, as does everyone else in the castleteria. Ginger walks in with Briar's birthday cake, and Hopper's present plan commences. Hopper uses his dragonfly to light the candles on Briar's cake, which makes Briar exceptionally happy. Seeing Briar happy is enough of a present for Hopper. Hopper decides on naming his new pet Drake, with Briar's consent as well.


  1. Hopper Croakington II
  2. Sparrow Hood
  3. Briar Beauty
  4. Apple White
  5. Ashlynn Ella
  6. Daring Charming
  7. Drake
  8. Milton Grimm

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