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Holly O'Hair debuted in the books in The Storybook of Legends of the Ever After High book series, which premiered on October 08, 2013.


Ever After High (I)

Holly O’Hair attends Briar Beauty's Book-to-School party. During the first Damsel-in-Distressing class, Holly completes the assignment of escaping with the help of her tower-mate, Lizzie Hearts. The Storybook of Legends Holly bumps into Apple White after interviewing several tower maidens and checking out fashion logs for Yester Day. She gives Apple a lock of her hair. The Unfairest of Them All Holly sits next to Blondie Lockes and is excited for the play to begin. A Wonderlandiful World

Ever After High (II)

Holly attends Princessology class. Next Top Villain Holly waves Ginger a friendly hello. Kiss and Spell Holly is found reading in the common room. Dexter Charming and the Trouble with Jackalopes: A Little Mr. Cottonhorn Story As a student in Damsel-in-Distressing class, Holly helps Maid Marian read out the next parts of the syllabus. A Semi-Charming Kind of Life Holly, along with Hunter, Nina, and Farrah, is late to cheerhexing practice. With regionals coming up, Faybelle tells the squad they will need to master to inverted pyramid formation, which Holly objects to, saying it's too dangerous, and she's afraid of heights. Justine approaches, telling the squad of her upcoming play for Theater Club, which Holly encourages Farrah to audition for. Fairy's Got Talent

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