Dragon Games - Herowing

Herowing is a dragon that appears in the TV special "Dragon Games". Herowing has access to ice power and can fly with her big wings. She is one of Legend's newborn babies that was grown into an adult dragon. She has eyes that extenuate her skin.



Grown dragon

Herowing has ice-blue scales and light blue eyes with pale pink ringlets around them. Her horns are a blue gradient getting darker to the tip. Her tufts of fur at the back of her head are also of similar pigment. Her chest is adorned with silver and her scales at her front are cream yellow. She has blue wings. Her big wings are very helpful to Darling in the Dragon Games when Darling is chosen as captain of the Snow White team and when they hide in the Enchanted Forest.

Baby dragon

Herowing's features in baby dragon form are less pronounced than in her grown form. She has shorter horns and less detailed patterns on her skin She is also a lot smaller..

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