Thronecoming - Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall is a special structure planted near the school grounds which exclusively opens up only at the time of Thronecoming. It is where the previous generation of fairytale characters leave gifts for their future successors.


The Hall has four front pillars aligned which surround a pair of large doors. There is a pair of torchlight on each side of the rail and a flight of steps are in front of the entire structure.


The Hall is only open at the time of Thronecoming, therefore it is open at a limited time. The students aren't present at the hall much after the point when they all receive their family heirlooms that their parents have left behind for them. Later on, Raven, Apple, Cedar, and Maddie all return for the sake of finding the real Storybook of Legends, by diving in a portal. Other girls follow them. Thronecoming

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