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Gus Crumb debuted in the cartoon series in the Chapter 2 TV special "Thronecoming" in 2014. He is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald in the English version of the cartoon.

Chapter 2

TV specials

He attends the Thronecoming parade. Thronecoming

Chapter 3


Gus skeptically shouts out to his cousin Helga across the window, notifying him about Ginger's treats and how she's to lure them to their doom. He and the boys are not very willing to try her food. Little does he know, however, Ginger is just baking because of her love for it. Trying the sweets for himself, Gus really enjoys them. Ginger in the BreadHOUSE Gus is in the watching audience. Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic Baking and Entering Sugar Coated Gus watches the sporting events at the bleachers. Tri-Castle-On

TV specials

He decorates the trees for Spring Fairest. Gus and his cousin eagerly wait for dragon corn. He is consumed by the curse. Spring Unsprung


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