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Gus Crumb is a 2013-introduced and fiction-only character. He is the son of Gretel from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel and he is a student at Ever After High as the next Hansel. It is unknown where he stands in the destiny conflict.


In English, Gus is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.
In Latin American Spanish, he is voiced by Bruno Coronel.



Gus is a manipulative character who is not above blackmailing people for his favorite thing: sweets. He and his cousin are similar this way. Dramatic and impulsive, which sometimes comes of as rude, Gus can jump to quick conclusions.


He has short blond hair and often wears green leather shorts with suspenders and hiking boots in the Shannon Hale books, or books by Shannon Hale, to speak. In the webisodes and TV specials, Gus portrays short light pink straight hair with sprinkles designed into it, pink eyebrows, white skin and wears German-based clothing in pink and red.

Fairy tale

Main article: Hansel and Gretel



Gus's mother is Gretel. He and Helga are cousins and Hansel is his uncle.


His closest and dearest friend has to be his cousin Helga, but he and his cousin also have a lot of admiration for Headmaster Milton Grimm, due to his bringing them with candy and treats to get them both to do what he wants for him. It is unknown who else they get along with but they do not get along with Raven Queen, nor Ginger Breadhouse, and he, like his cousin, completely fears the two.



Gus wears a mild pink suit. His shirt is white with a yellow pull-off collar flap and he has a green bow. His vest is mild pink with darker pink licorice as sleeveless ends. Gus wears hot pink pull-up pants and accessorizes with a brown belt attached to suspenders and a stripey bracelet.

At certain times in the franchise, his outfit is based on the typical bavarian suit called LederHosen.

In the books, he wears tall hiking boots and dresses similar to his cousin, with suspenders and green leather shorts.


  • May 14, 2013: Mattel requests the trademark for Gus Crumb.
  • October 08, 2013: Gus Crumb makes his book debut in The Storybook of Legends.
  • August 21, 2014: Gus Crumb's profile art is revealed in a pre-release copy of the Ever After High Yearbook.
  • November 02, 2014: Gus Crumb makes his cartoon debut in "Thronecoming".