The Good King is the father of Raven Queen.



True to his name, the Good King is kind and benevolent. He spends a lot of time with his daughter and especially worries for her well being since her mother was imprisoned. He encourages Raven's kindness in spite of her destiny. He enjoys sailing and fishing.


The Good King has thinning hair and a graying beard, but he has a constant smile and bright blue eyes.

Fairy tale

Snow White (fairy tale)



He and the Evil Queen are the parents of Raven Queen. He is also the father of Snow White, and the widower of The Good Queen. It makes him related to Apple White, as in he is her grandfather. And that makes Raven, Apple's half-aunt.



The Good King gives his daughter a puppy for her sixth birthday. The Storybook of Legends The Good King and Raven Queen visit Pinocchio, Cedar Wood, and the Blue-Haired Fairy. He has a final dinner with Raven before she goes back to school. Raven Queen's Story

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