Good-Enough Charming is a 2014-introduced and book-only character. He is, like all Charmings, a royal fit to fill whichever role assigned to him. It is unknown where he stands in the destiny conflict.



Good-Enough seems to have the drive to prove himself against the other Charming princes, specifically Errant. Despite being the youngest of his siblings he is still as adventurous, optimistic, and princely as the rest of the Charming family. He is described as being quick and keen by Darling.


Good-Enough is five years old and described as being tiny but that could simply be due to his age.



Good-Enough is the youngest brother of Gallant, Glorious, Gutsy, Gracious, and Gorgeous. He's also the cousin of Daring, Dexter, and Darling, as well as Bountiful, Beauteous, Breathtaking, and Beloved, Courageous, Cherished, Caring, and Charity, Elegant, Earnest and Errant, Fragile and Fearless. King and Queen Charming are his uncle and aunt, Fairest Charming is his youngest aunt, Siegfried is his oldest uncle. His grandparents are Alluring and Auspicious Charming.


After hiding the sword she got from the pool, Darling headed back into the Charming mansion to find her cousin Good-Enough sitting against the wall, crying. Good-Enough attempts to strike a princely pose, which darling notes looked slightly ridiculous on a five-year-old. After the pose, Good-Enough explains that he couldn't find anything from the quest and that Errant was telling him that he was too little to complete a quest. Darling helps him by taking him out by the pool where she hid the sword. After Good-Enough found the sword, the duo headed back to the ballroom. Upon arrival, Darling announced that Good-Enough had found the Soaring Sword of Salamander Steve. Darling tells Good-Enough to swipe the sword, doing so makes the young prince float in the air. This act causes the entire family to cheer, except Auspicious who seems to suspect that it was Darling who found the sword.Darling Charming's Story