Goldilocks is a fairy tale character from her story which is of the same name, 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. She is first seen in Blondie Branches Out where she is seen in a picture of her standing by the Three Bears. However, her first appearance is in the graphic novel The Class of Classics. She is the mother of Blondie Lockes.



Goldielocks is nice and kind like her daughter, and she is shown to be very understanding. She cares deeply about her friends and is always there to help. She also appears to be resourceful.


In the cartoon, she appears to have yellow blonde hair in pigtails that look like swirls, with two black bows in it and a yellow dress with an apron and with a black collar on it. She wears white knee high socks with black shoes.

In the book, she has long, voluminous, curly blond hair that is pushed back with a pink hairband. She wears a pink dress with a design of a bear around the bottom part. She has many little designs like a light pink ribbon on her neck, dark pink trimming around the sleeves, and light pink ruffles out of the sleeves and skirt.

Fairy tale

Main article: The Story of the Three Bears



She is the mother of Blondie Lockes, it can be assumed that they get along based on how much Blondie seems to respect her mother.


It is unknown if she has a husband but King Charming did have a crush on her in school.

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