Apple's Tale - Ashlynn cleaning

The Glass Slipper Shoe Store, often known as The Glass Slipper, is a self-standing shoe store that Ashlynn Ella runs in the Village of Book End. The store receives at least hundreds of new shoe shipments very often and it is quite a well-known store around the area.


The shoe store has a hanging sign with the shoe store logo on it. A window is planted on the left corner of the shoe store, following small front doors. Inside the shoe store, there is a back door and changing curtain. The store has dozens of shelves stacked with shoes, but at times the shoes are left in piles on the ground.



Ashlynn invites Briar and Blondie to help set up the store before it opens. The Shoe Must Go On In her store, Ashlynn is worried about what to wear for the Forest Fest. She then finds a glass hiking boot and deems it a worthy wear. However, another problem arises: she doesn't know who to invite with her. Chosen with Care

TV specials

Ashlynn cleans the windows of the shop and finds Apple and Briar visiting. She then receives a shipment of shoes from delivery geese. Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal Apple enters Ashlynn's shoe store and consults Ashlynn. True Hearts Day


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