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Gifts are dropped of at doors. Students wake up and open the packages.
Raven Queen: Ooh! A sweet treat!
Helga Crumb: DO NOT EAT THE SWEET TREAT! [Raven drops the treat.] Cousin, Ginger Breadhouse made them! [Gestures to Gus.]
Gus Crumb: [Gestures.] Oh no! Her mother used candy to try to lure your mother and my father to their doom! Now she's trying to lure us too!
Everyone drops the treats in disgust.
Girls: [Grumbling.]
Raven Queen: Oh, come on. You're not going to eat them because of what Ginger's mom did do Hansel and Gretel? [Eats treat.]
Girls: [Gasp.]
Raven Queen: Wow. These are beyond hextacular!
Ginger Breadhouse: [Ginger enters.] Thanks!
Helga Crumb: [Gestures.] Ahh! It's Ginger Breadhouse! [Screaming.]
Girls: [Girls run away and continue screaming.]
Ginger Breadhouse: [Sigh.]
Raven Queen: [Gestures.] I can't believe they think you're going to follow your story.
Ginger Breadhouse: I know! I just wanna bake for everyone. But even Gus and Helga Crumb won't try my treats. [Pulls out magazine.]
Raven Queen: Some people are just afraid to go off-book. [Grabs magazine and gasps.] Oh! Maybe we need to give them a push.

Dexter Charming: [Gasp.] It's not-so-little Jack Horner!
Blondie Lockes: A spellebrity chef!
Students gather around Jack.
Jack Horner: I got some Mirror Mail that your school has a chef who makes the tastiest treats! [Signs autographs] Heh, just had to try!
Raven Queen: [Raven gestures.] Then step on up!
Gus Crumb: But those treats! [Gestures.] She makes them to lure you to your doom!
Jack Horner: Well, you only live once upon a time! [Grabs a pie.]
Students: [Gasp.]
Jack tastes the pie with his thumb.
Jack Horner: Hmm. That is...out of this kingdom! Hey, can you make some more for my restaurant? [Gestures.]
Ginger Breadhouse: Sure, ahaha!
Raven Queen: See? Ginger just wants to share her treats!
Students all try the treats and enjoy them. They then proceed to get more by crowding around Ginger's snack shack.
Students: [Excited gasps.] I want some cakes.
Gus and Helga are about to eat the treat when Jack Horner drives by and swipes the treats.
Jack Horner: Oh, yeah.
Gus and Helga are diappointed, but then Ginger hands them a tray full of treats and they eat them all.
Helga Crumb: [Gasp.]
Gus Crumb: [Gasp.]
Gus and Helga: [Eating.]

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