Ginger Breadhouse gets a little help from Raven Queen when she tries to prove to everyone that she just wants to bake spellbinding treats, not follow her story.


Ginger Breadhouse leaves treats for students at their dorm's doorstep. But, just before the girls can take the first bite, Helga Crumb rudely interrupts, assuming that Ginger is just making her treats in attempt to poison and "lure them to their doom". She relays this information to the girls, and they drop their cookies in disgust. She shouts this across the window to her cousin, Gus Crumb, in the boys' dorm. The boys follow the example of the girls and turn down their treats. Raven questions the girls why they'd refuse just because Ginger's mother did such things to Hansel and Gretel. She takes a bite herself to demonstrate there is no problem with the treats. Ginger gladly thanks Raven for the support, but Helga and the girls run off. Ginger states how much she loves baking and how much she wants to share her talent, but is distressed by the fact that people won't give her an opportunity to do so because of her unfortunate destiny.

Later, spellebrity chef Jack Horner appears at the front of the school because he's received word that there's a special chef at Ever After High who bakes the best treats in Ever After. Raven and Ginger open a tasting shack, which catches his eye. Despite Helga and Gus's superstitious warnings of "luring him to his doom", Jack tastes a pie and approves of her treats, influencing everyone to try some of their own, which to their delight, taste delicious.


  1. Ginger Breadhouse
  2. Raven Queen
  3. Ashlynn Ella
  4. C.A. Cupid
  5. Helga Crumb
  6. Gus Crumb
  7. Daring Charming
  8. Dexter Charming
  9. Hunter Huntsman
  10. Humphrey Dumpty
  11. Briar Beauty
  12. Blondie Lockes
  13. Jack Horner
  14. Apple White
  15. Hopper Croakington II
  16. Duchess Swan




  • Since Helga is the daughter of Hansel and Gus is the son of Gretel, the line "your mother and my father" Gus exclaimed is simply a large error in the franchise.
  • When Raven grabs the cooking magazine off Ginger, her eyes blink mid-way then glitch out and blink again.
  • When running up to grab her cupcake, Ashlynn's hair bump is mispositioned mispositioned and slightly flying off.


  • Gus saying the phrase "your mother and my father" may not be an error. It may be rewritten as for the webisodes, Gus is the son of Hansel and Helga is the daughter of Gretel. Either that, or they just used it since the word "mother" is usually placed before "father" in the Western world, also known as the North American world.