Ginger Breadhouse and the Candy Fish Wish: A Little Jelly Story is the first pet-centric companion book of Kiss and Spell and the third pet-centric companion book of the Ever After High book series. It was released on March 03, 2015.


Ginger is aware that keeping a pet would be a bad idea given her legacy as the next Candy Witch; that, and a brooding fear that any pet she owns might end up in her mother's cooking. That is, until she nearly submits into the temptation of owning a pet before enrolling to Ever After High. Though Ginger considers fish a good type of pet, she admittedly would just stick to keeping her life minimalistic. Weeks later, Professor Rumpelstiltskin's overly tight boots are to blame of Ginger's fairy-fail on her assignment. Staying up late for her extra credit, Ginger accidentally spills gummy candies of several shapes into her concoction. After noticing the time, Ginger cleans up after a long day of making up for her grade. While washing up, she finds a live gummy fish swimming around. She shows her gummy fish to Melody and Raven.

Ginger's pet fish tries getting Ginger's attention by spraying water on her. Ginger gets advice from Apple and takes her fish out for a walk. She runs into Duchess and asks for Duchess's opinion on her fish's strange behavior, who says that her fish is hungry. When she asks Raven for advice, she suggests Ginger give her pet fish playdates because the fish is simply lonely. With that in mind, Ginger takes her fish to the local pet shop to get him a few companions. When Ginger exits the store, she decides on naming her pet candy fish Jelly.


  1. Ginger Breadhouse
  2. Rumpelstiltskin
  3. Apple White
  4. Gala
  5. Jelly
  6. Melody Piper
  7. Raven Queen
  8. Duchess Swan
  9. Pirouette

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