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Ginger Breadhouse was trademarked on May 19, 2014 and her first doll came out in Late 2014. As of October 01, 2015, her doll number totals 2 and makes up 2.24% of the entire Ever After High doll collection. No other merchandise of her is available.


Signature - Rebels

Doll stockphotography - Signature Ginger Profile art - Ginger Breadhouse

Doll: She has brown skin, hazel-brown eyes, shiny pink lips and layered purple eyeshadow.
Clothes: Ginger wears a slim, multicolored and textured-candy frock. Mostly, what is on her dress is based off a gingerbreadman. She has a yellow tail flap at the back of her dress. She has hot pink glasses with designs on the glasses rims. She wears a dark blue biker-style jacket. Ginger wears a gingerbread-based pair of stockings with pink-and-gold candy-themed shoes.
Accessories: She accessorizes with a hot pink headband with a cupcake on top, a blue bead necklace and a black cauldron-shaped bag.
Extras: Black stand, brush and a diary.
Notes: The bangle and ring shown in the stockphoto are not present on the actual doll, her bead necklace is blue, and the stand and brush are black.

Sugar Coated

Doll stockphotography - Sugar Coated Kitchen I Doll stockphotography - Sugar Coated Kitchen II GingerBreadhouseSC

Doll: Ginger has elbow-length pink hair styled into a high ponytail with straight bangs. She has silver eye shadow and pink lips.
Clothes: She wears a pink top with ruffled sleeves and a gingerbread vest with buttons. Her skirt is pink with gingerbreadman-print, gumdrops, a pink dripping belt, and also has yellow and dark pink colors on it. She wears long pink boots with beads and a chocolate drip pattern on the toes.
Accessories: Ginger accessorizes with a gold headband with a poofy white chef's hat on it, a pair of gold glasses, gingerbreadman earrings, a dark pink ring, and a gold bracelet.
Extras: Ginger does not come with a brush or stand.
Notes: This doll is only available with the Sugar Coated Class playset.

Book Party

Doll stockphotography - Book Party Ginger Profile art - BP Ginger
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Doll: Ginger's hair is let down with long and wavy curls. She has glossy pink lipstick and bright pink makeup. There are a few maroon dots on the edge of her eyes.
Clothes: She wears a pink one piece. The top of her dress is holo pink and the rest of it is in a book pattern with a blend of sprinkles. She wears bright pink heels.
Accessories: Ginger accessorizes with a gold headband, a white book necklace, and a blue handbag.
Extras: Gold stand and brush.
Notes: In the stockphoto her necklace is white but in the doll release it is blue.


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