Gepetto is the father of Pinocchio and the grandfather of Cedar Wood. He is one of the few people who knows what really happened with the Evil Queen. Now he and his family live in his cottage in a small sea-side village, living upstairs and working downstairs. He works with his son, making and selling carved wooden creations.



He is a very lovely person, who has an important role in the magical community, being, along with the Good King, Raven Queen, Milton Grimm, Giles and Baba Yaga, the only one's who know that the Evil Queen is still alive.


He still has bedhead, his white hair standing straight up.


Cedar's card bio says that her grandfather makes the best pasta. That being the case, Gepetto might enjoy cooking in general, or he may only specialize in pasta. He is also skilled at wood-crafting.

Fairy Tale

Main article: The Adventures of Pinocchio



He is the father of Pinocchio, who was once a wooden puppet, but who is now a real boy. He is also the loving grandfather of Cedar Wood.


He is on good terms with the Blue-Haired Fairy, and is a frequent customer to Old Mother Hubbard's Market, where he finds his favorite foods - bread, fruitcake, sardines and humble pie.


Ever After High (I)

Milton Grimm tells Raven that he, along with The Good King, her, Gepetto, Giles and Baba Yaga, are the only one's who know that the Evil Queen is still alive.The Storybook of Legends It's the last day of summer and Cedar Wood prepares for a new school year. She and her father, Pinocchio, along with her grandfather Gepetto have breakfast. He is sad that she will be going to school and leaving them. Cedar Wood's Story Gepetto was one of the members of the senior faculty in the reunion about Madeline Hatter's punishment after she sets the Jabberwock free. The Unfairest of Them All

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