Fairy Godmother is the mother of Farrah Goodfairy, and used her magic to help Cinderella.



She wears blue clothes like her daughter, and wear glasses.


She is a very altruistic and helpful woman. She also has a lot of fashion knowledge.



She is the mother of Farrah Goodfairy.


She is a very loyal friend to Cinderella.

Fairy Tale

Main article: Cinderella


She signed the Storybook of Legends in the Legacy Year before that of Apple and Raven. The Storybook of Legends


"It was the week before Spring Fairest, and Mother wanted me to wear the most glamorous ball gown in all the land. While it was spellbinding, it wasn't the most appropriate attire for an outdoor festival. When I spoke up, she said "A princess presents herself as high-class royalty at all times."

And so, wondering how I was going to be able to play the Fairest games in a stuffy gown, the fairy seamstress made some final adjustments. She fluttered back to admire her work, and dramatically gasped, "Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?" she asked. Oh no! I quickly stepped between her and FLASH! Daring's smile blindingly reflected off his hand mirror. "Only every time I look in the mirror," he said. My parents told my oldest brother to escort me around town, but he spent most of his time admiring his reflection. Insulted, the fairy seamstress hurriedly packed up the gown. I thanked her and followed Daring out of the shop." Darling Charming's diary



Fairy Godmother in the Cartoon

A Fairy Godmother is seen in the Fitting Ballroom, making Thronecoming clothes and is being aided by her fairy helpers to make dresses for Raven, Briar and Apple. It is likely that this Fairy Godmother is not Mrs Goodfairy, but another Fairy Godmother instead. Thronecoming

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