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It's winter time at Ever After High.
Female narrator: Winter at Ever After High⎯
Male narrator: ⎯And the students are spending the day enjoying the snow and ice!
Female narrator: Ice dancing is Ashlynn's way of celebrating the beauty of the seasons. [Ashlynn twirls.]
Male narrator: Little did she know, this peaceful pageant was about to turn perilous. [Tiny does his own spin on ice and the ice cracks slowly beneath him.]
Meanwhile, Duchess shoves in between Alistair and Bunny, knocking her over.
Duchess Swan: [Sarcastically.] Sorry, Snow Bunny!
Faybelle comes skating by, doing a few tricks.
Faybelle Thorn: How 'bout that, Duchess?
Duchess Swan: Not up to my standards!
Duchess immediately starts dancing on ice by twirling in mid-air multiple times.
Apple White: Now this is a peaceful moment to capture for the Ever After Yearbook.
Raven Queen: I'll admit, it is pretty - [To Cedar.] pretty boring. [Chuckling.]
Before she departs, Cedar snaps a picture of Duchess mid-ice dance.
Duchess Swan: [Arrogantly.] I need a challenger!
As Duchess skates by, Poppy is sitting on the bench with Holly.
Poppy O'Hair: I don't know, Holly. What if I wipe out? I'm new at this.
Holly O'Hair: Just go for it, Poppy! [Raises a finger.] Remember, if you surrender to fear, then fear wins.
Poppy O'Hair: Then...I choose my ever after to be unafraid! [She stands up and hits a tree branch as she raises her fists in the air, dropping snow on her.] Whoaaa! [She starts skidding.]
Duchess Swan: Oh, it is on, Poppy O'Hair! [Chases after Poppy.] Anything you can do, I can do better!
Holly O'Hair: Oh no. Poppy!
Poppy and Duchess continue skidding together, Duchess now becoming more aggravated.
Poppy and Duchess: [Yelps of distress.]
Duchess Swan: Okay! Poppy! You made your point!
Poppy O'Hair: If you surrender to fear, then fear wins! Well I choose not to be afraid!
Ashlynn continues skating peacefully while listening to music, subconsciously avoiding Tiny's cracks made in the ice.
Apple White: Look out, Ashlynn!
Poppy and Duchess: [Screaming.]
Poppy and Duchess build off momentum off a ledge and save Ashlynn from falling into Tiny's crack made in the ice. They skate in a line, holding hands.
Duchess Swan: Poppy, you were great out there.
Poppy O'Hair: Probably just beginner's luck!
Ashlynn Ella: I think we all had our share of good luck today!
Ashlynn, Duchess, and Poppy pose together happily for a picture.
Apple White: Now that's a perfect yearbook moment.
Raven Queen: [Swipes to another photo.] I couldn't agree more!

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