The Fairest on Ice doll series is an ice-skating line. The characters are all looking forward to ice skating on The Crystal Ponds, a lake. Three dolls are included in this series: Ashlynn Ella, Duchess Swan, and Poppy O'Hair.


Fairest on Ice was filed for trademark on May 19, 2014.



Fairest on Ice is featured in the webisode with the same name. In the TV special "Epic Winter", is seems that Duchess looks her Fairest on Ice outfit.


  • The webisode features one more character dressed up, which is Faybelle Thorn.


Doll stockphotography - Fairest on Ice Ashlynn Doll stockphotography - Fairest on Ice Duchess Doll stockphotography - Fairest on Ice Poppy
Ashlynn Ella Duchess Swan Poppy O'Hair

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